Sunday 5 April 2020

Working from Home Ideas: 10 Top Tips to Make Your Home More Comfortable

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With everything going on right now, it’s likely that you’re spending your days cooped up at home, working 9 til 5 in the comfort of your own living space. If you’re one of the lucky ones still standing in their jobs right now, perhaps some extra support is needed to boost morale. 

When it comes to working from home, it’s important that you get the setting just right by ensuring it’s equipped for long-term use. Our houses aren’t normally utilised 24/7, but for this out-of-the-ordinary situation, we require out-of-the-ordinary actions. 

Even without coronavirus in the picture, perhaps you’ve had some serious injuries which have left you bed-bound for the foreseeable future? Or maybe you’re self-employed, and working from home is your norm? Whatever your situation, I think all of us could do with a bit of inspiration to spruce up our living situation for the long haul, so let’s dive in… 

1. Sorting Out Your Working from Home Set Up

One of the most important parts about working from home is your workstation. Having a suitable chair and desk to work at is absolutely essential to working comfortably, and not damaging your body. Prolonged sitting is bad enough, without the help of a good sitting situation. 

For those working from home as a temporary fixture, due to unforeseen circumstances like coronavirus, then you might not have these luxuries. For some, their work situation may look like a laptop on a kitchen table, with spindly kitchen chairs to perch on. 

This just won’t do, and you may end up damaging yourself further, if you stay like this any longer. So, the first thing to do is raise your laptop to face-height; whether you use a stand, or just a pile of books. Then, add some cushions to your chair, or maybe invest some money in getting an office chair delivered to your house. If you’re sitting properly, your back will thank you. 

2. Minimise Distractions Around the House 

Again, this is something that may be a luxury to many. Having a separate room with an office space is ideal but, if youre set up in your kitchen, there are ways to reduce distractions. 

Firstly, ensure your family know when your working hours are. You could even place a note on your desk next to you which specifies these hours so they can minimise talking to you. 

What’s more, making sure the TV isn’t playing, and the washing machine isn’t spinning are also some extras that may help. Reducing noise and visual stimulation like this will help to keep your metaphorical blinkers on, to face your screen. 

3. Take Timely Breaks 

Yes, it’s important to remain focused at your screen. That said, it’s also important to take timely breaks when necessary. Whether it be a bit of exercise, a walk around the house to get the blood pumping, or even just a trip to the kettle, taking time away from work is essential. 

Setting up your home for breaks is a good way to remind yourself of this. For example, putting a timer on your phone is a good idea and, if you want to go the extra mile, placing your phone in another room could work. This way, when the alarm goes off, you have to get up to turn it off, so you’re up and about anyway for your break. 

4. Exercise 

It goes without saying that exercise is key to keeping sane and healthy when working from home. Even the UK government is suggesting we all take some time each day to focus on getting out and about. 

That said, exercise doesn’t always have to mean leaving the house. In fact, a cost effective and motivational way to keep you exercising, even at home, is purchasing some simple gym equipment. Be it some weights, a couple of resistance bands, and a yoga mat, you’ll be good to go with so many work out options. 

We’re also very fortunate that, these days, our TVs are equipped with apps, such as YouTube. So, simply typing in some keywords, like “at home workouts”, you should find a myriad of exercise routines. Then, all you need to do is get in front of the TV and follow along. 

5. Keep Everything Organised 

If you’re working from home, this will mean that your desk will be your safe haven for the majority of the day. So, keeping everything organised is key to this. Whether it be through filing things away in an organised filing system, or keeping a planner with everything in. Whatever you decide, make it a bit of you, so you’re more likely to keep it up. 

6. Add Some Personal Touches 

Again, your working space at home will be your spot for most of the day. So, make it your own, like you would do in an office space. Some ideas for sprucing up your desk space include: 

- Adding some decorations, like a letter for your name. 
- Putting a family or pet photo next to your laptop or computer. 
- Adding a plant; succulents are a great idea for this, as they require minimal care. 
- Writing important notes on post-it notes is ideal for not only reminders, but adding a bit of colour to your desk space. 

The options are endless, but just remember to make sure none of this is distracting. Point number two talks about keeping your blinkers on, so any decorations that move or light up are probably out of bounds. 


7. Maintain Order Through Tidying 

One of the truest sayings out there is “tidy sight, tidy mind”. If your surroundings are messy and unkempt, then it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to concentrate. Clutter is the enemy for anyone working from home. 

Ensuring your home is clean and tidy is, therefore, super important for maintaining a positive mental health. So, making sure your kitchen is all neat, and your desk is mess free, is a great way to get back in the spirit of working. So, if you’re having trouble concentrating, or need a break from the screen, have a blitz of the house, and see if it helps! 

8. Keep the Temperature Comfortable 

Studies show that extreme temperatures – both hot and cold – have an effect on concentration. With this in mind, it’s so important that your working environment remains at a comfortable temperature. 

The ideal would be warm enough to not have to wear too many layers, and cool enough that you’re not having to strip off. Whatever works best for you, so that you aren’t constantly thinking about how hot or cold, you are is the best. 

9. Keep Unhealthy Snacks Out of Reach 

If you’re anything like me, snacking at work is almost a ritual. However, at home, it can become too easy to reach for a packet of something tasty. So, if this is your biggest downfall, then making sure you don’t have easy access to unhealthy snacks is key. 

This doesn’t mean not having unhealthy snacks available, but keeping them elsewhere is a better idea. What’s more, if you make your healthy snacks more accessible, this could help you out. A great way of doing this is by meal-prepping at the weekend; simply chop up your carrots and cucumber into sticks, and package them away in Tupperware. 

Then, you’re more likely to reach for these snacks before anything else. After all, health is key to happiness. 

10. Lighting is Everything 

So, you know how you might obsess over lighting in a selfie? Well, the same must go for the lighting in your working environment. Natural lighting is, of course, the best of the best, to stop you from furrowing your brows all day at your screen. 

Maximising the lighting in the room is, therefore, a great way to help you feel comfortable in your workspace. So, choose a good room for your workspace, with a nice big window to gaze out of, and ensure you don’t have direct light shining onto your workspace. Then, ensuring that your laptop is set to a dim lighting, which reduces blue light on your face, could also really help. 

Any More Tips for Working from Home? 

So, those are my tips for ensuring your home is as comfortable as possible for long-term use. Whether you’re working from home due to the coronavirus, or from a serious injury that requires you to remain in home, now you’re good to go! 

As you can see, maximising your home for long-term comfort doesn’t have to mean a big old bill to get the decorators in. All you need is a bit of initiative and inspiration to get you started. 

Do you any more ideas for ways to make your home comfortable for working from home? If so, I’d love to hear them, so do comment down below with any additional thoughts. Let’s get inspired, together! 


  1. Great tips for working from home, the main thing for me is breaks. I tend to just carry on and then see the time and realise I haven't had lunch or should have started dinner

  2. I have worked from home (and hotels and friends houses) for years - and time keeping is essential as is taking email of your phone and social media as work can soon become blurry with non work time...it is so easy to do! Some great tips here you have shared - it is also always good to review your WFH practices as I find bad habits like unhealthy snacks creep in super quick ... oops! - though that might just be me!

  3. Snacking is our biggest hurdle when home working! Always temped by the fridge calling us! Great tips to help people x

  4. These are some great tips - it has been quite difficult trying to work from home recently whilst the kids have been at home though.

  5. Really good tips, especially the exercise one. I found myself getting really stiff in front of the laptop all day. Now I follow an online class every day

  6. I would love my own office space but sadly we just don't have the room. I agree about taking breaks though, it does make you more productive

  7. These are some wonderful tips - I've always wished I had my own office, but sadly I just work from the sofa in the lounge - perhaps one day!

  8. Great advice. We spent time on the first weekend to make the space my husband is now working in a bit nicer. Makes such a difference.

  9. This is brilliant!! There are some really good tips here for sure and a clean work space is a must for me xx

  10. I am self employed and have an office at home however have no work at the moment due to the virus. My husband on the other hand is working full time but from home so he is lucky that I already have an office set up that he can use. Our son is 7 years old so understands that dad is working and he needs to be left alone. The only downfall I would say is the snacks, my husband eats so many snacks that he doesn't bother stopping for lunch lol

  11. Some top tips for anyone who is now working from home. I'm self employed and usually work from home, however, I have managed to tweak my office space so that it is more useable (and less of a dumping ground).