Sunday 3 May 2020

Bakedin Baking Club Subscription Box - Banana Caramel Muffins

**AD - Review** 

Last month we reviewed our very first Bakedin Baking Club subscription box and it was a huge hit! We made a delicious chocolate drip cake that was devoured in a matter of days. With such success we couldn't wait for the April box to land on our doorstep and find out what the recipe inside was (Bakedin do their best to keep it a surprise until all the boxes have been sent out). This month's bake was...…. 

BakedIn baking club subscription box showing all of the ingredients and products that come inside.

** Banana Caramel Muffins! **

As with all Bakedin baking club subscription boxes the box comes with all of the dry ingredients you will need, all measured and ready to use. The box will also come with any extras you might need including cake cases, piping bags and even a wooden skewer to check your cakes are baked. The box even contains a handy little conversion card which also doubles up as a butter measuring tool which means you don't even need scales to measure out any additional ingredients either! 

Large rectangle of baking butter showing a conversion chart card and butter measurer.

As well as all of your dry ingredients and extras, inside the box you will find a glossy leaflet which contains the recipe and method which is full colour and contains both images and words making it easy to follow along for both adults and kids. Evelyn loved following along with the pictures and even as an adult it was nice to have a picture reference to check I was on the right track. 

The booklet also shows you what addition ingredients you might need (in this case it was bananas. butter, milk and eggs) as well as listing the ingredients and their weights that the kit already comes with. I think this is so handy as it means you can keep the booklet and make time and time again, I have started keeping mine in a handy little folder for future reference. 

Bakedin baking club recipe sheet showing both written instructions and images.

As with last month's box, Evelyn of course was insistent on helping and it's been a lovely activity that we can do together and spend some time away from screen time or work. I think she likes that she doesn't have to wait around for ingredients to we weighed and measured, she can just get stuck straight in with making, her favourite part for sure!

Dry ingredients lined up in number order that come in the Bakedin box.

Small girl wearing glasses mixing a cake mix in a blue bowl.

One thing I really love about the boxes (apart from getting to try lots of new yummy cakes and bakes of course) is that the box pushes you to try new things, new flavours and new techniques. Last month it was the drip cake which was the first time I had made a ganache or tried the "drip" technique. This month saw me making a caramel and creating a surprise caramel centre, again something I hadn't tried before either. I love learning new things then being able to apply them to new bakes as I learn is a great feeling.

A wire cake rack showing cooked cupcakes with the centres taken out.

Here are our finished Banana Caramel Muffins and they were a big hit once again. The sponge was light and fluffy, packed full of banana and cinnamon flavours and the oozy caramel centre was a yummy surprise touch. 

Finished banana and caramel muffin showing two muffins. One whole and one cut in half to show a caramel filled centre.

I am definitely not a pro when it comes to baking, fairy cakes and a fruity pavlova are usually my limit. However, using the baking club boxes has helped me find my love for baking again, it's given me a bit more confidence to try new things and I love that the kits make it minimal effort, fuss or mess when it comes to the actual baking. 

Bakedin offer 4 different subscription lengths including the one-off box, 3-, 6- and 12-month subscriptions. Prices range from £9 - £7.50 per box, of course the longer your subscription the cheaper it works out per box. You can even buy a subscription as a gift if you know any fellow bakers who would love being part of the baking club. 

If you like the sound of the Bakedin subscription box and you want to give it a try yourself or buy a subscription for a friend, you can sign up here - bakedin.co.uk

Have you ever tried a baking subscription box or is it something you would like to try in the future? 


**I received a 3 month Bakedin baking club subscription for the purpose of these review. However all words, opinions and images are my own. I retain full control of this post.**


  1. What an amazing sounding box, the recipes sound amazing as well and perfect for being in lockdown and having a surprise baking kit come through. I will have to look into this subscription box

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    These muffins look and sound delicious. x

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  10. Mellissa Williams5 May 2020 at 13:37

    Such a wonderful idea for a subscription box and perfect for lockdown as everyone is baking at home! Those muffins look so delicious.

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