Friday 22 May 2020

How to Create More Light in Your Home

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When we think about our homes there are lots of things we look for when creating the perfect space within it. Many of us want lots of space, storage (especially important when you have kids), a large garden and one of the things many of us also look for is light, spacious rooms. Having a room where the sun shines through, where you can feel the warmth fill the room through a window and illuminate the walls can make all the difference to how a space feels! Not only that but natural light has been linked to improvements in our health, wellbeing and mood too. 

However sometimes when looking for our perfect home we have to compromise, but light in your home is one thing you definitely don't have to compromise if you are willing to make some small and simple changes. Here are some ways you can create more light in your home from simple DIY jobs to some more elaborate renovations, there is something to suit all homes and all budgets too. 

Windows, windows and more windows

Of course the most obvious way to get more light into your home is through windows. The more windows and the larger the windows the more lightly you are going to allow to flood into your home. Whilst it isn't always practical to install larger windows in a home, installing flush flat glass rooflights or skylights can allow lots of light into your home without taking up any additional wall space. Not only do they allow as much light in as a traditional window but they all point up towards the sky where the sun in located allow all that light to directly shine into your home. 

Another option to consider is increasing the size of your window, having doors with large glass panels in or even placing patio doors into a room into a garden space to create more light in your home. 

Reflective surfaces and mirrors

If you don't want to install new or larger windows reflective surfaces and large mirrored areas can be a great alternative. Mirrors effectively give the illusion of double the space by reflecting the room back. When carefully placed they can also help to reflect light into darker spaces of your home such as hallways or corners where natural light might not always reach.

Using glass, or reflective tiles on spaces such as kitchen or bathroom is also another way to encourage lots of of light reflection in a space, they look really good too.  

Add more lights & consider the bulbs you are using

If you have exhausted all ways to get more light in your home or you are restricted in what you can do to your home in terms of renovations or decorating, adding more artificial light can be a simple, cost effective way of adding more light around your home. You could try adding lamps that can be placed strategically to add more lights to areas you are in most or if you want to add a lot more light you could try curtain lights for lighting a large area. This will add to the light in your home rather overwhelming or detracting from any natural light that does come into your home.

LED bulbs can offer a much brighter light and are great to use in your main light fixtures in your home. Adding floor standing lamps can also be a great option to add to your home so that you can add extra light in the evenings when natural light is at its lowest.

Get your windows cleaned regularly

This may seem like an odd one but its something so simply that we could all be doing to let more light into our homes. Dirty windows will of course hinder light getting into your home, so setting up a weekly/monthly window clean can really help increase the amount of light getting in. 

You can of course do this yourself but there are lots of window cleaners who will do this for a small regular fee and you can set it up so this is done on a regular basis so you don't have to worry about booking it in all the time. Then its simply a case of giving the inside of the windows a quick wipe over once or twice a week to keep them looking clean, shiny and clear. 

Use light colours and furnishings when decorating

When it comes to decorating using lighter colours such as pastels and neutral colours can really help open up a space, make it feel bigger and give the feeling of a much lighter, airier space. Choosing a light colour for your interior walls is one of the quickest and easiest ways to reflect more light into your home.

Of course white is the lightest colour you can get but if you don't want to completely stark white on your walls there are lots of variations of the colour some with a slight grey, yellow or even pink hue which all work well too. Using a white with a warm shade can help the room feel less clinical. Don't forget the ceiling too, giving this a coat of white paint can also help lighten up the room and give a sense of more height in the room too. Using a paint with a satin finish in areas such as the kitchen will not only make them easier to keep clean but will help to reflect more light around the room too. 

Do you have any top tips to share on creating more light in your home? Please do share them in the comments below.


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  1. Wow, these are great tips, having a good light is so important to me and I will definitely follow some of this once I do a house renovations.

  2. Light is so important to me! I'm always dreaming of living in a flat that has windows reaching from the floor to the ceiling

  3. We switched to LED bulbs in the last few years and they have really helped to brighten up darker rooms.

  4. Some great tips here. My new house is quite lucky to have quite a bit of natural light but I am always looking for some better ways to bring more light in.

  5. I love our house but the whole middle section has no natural light. It felt so dark and gloomy last winter and really got me down. As we rent there isn't a lot we can do to change the situation

  6. We have recently done some changes to our home starting from changing our lights to LED bulbs as well as repainting our walls white to adding more windows to allow more light into the room

  7. The front of our house is quite dark and it really frustrates me. Adding mirrors has helped

  8. I would love a skylight in our dining room when we get it renovated. In the meantime, I definitely need to remember to clean the windows more often. They're definitely neglected in our household!