Wednesday 27 May 2020

The Art of Buying Charms - The Complete Guide

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If you are wondering how to charm your loved ones with a precious gift, the solution lies much closer than you think – just take a close look at charms for bracelets or necklaces. 

On any special occasion, one of the biggest challenges is to find the perfect gift for a special person. Whether they are among friends or family, nobody can be quite sure of what gifts they may like the most and cherish. However, there is a fail-proof solution to this dilemma that is suitable for every occasion that’s coming along. We are talking about the highly-personable charms for bracelets or other jewellery. 

It’s a highly sentimental choice, a present that is highly versatile and sure to be treasured for an entire lifetime. They can be attached to a bracelet or can be worn with a necklace. They communicate deep feelings for the person and provide a symbol of that affection. Beautiful, precious charms are not that expensive either, making them a perfect proposition for everyone involved. 
So, what is the art of buying charms as a present or for yourself? We discuss them in detail below. 

Know the Person and Your Relationship 

It applies to any jewellery gifts, whether for yourself or for others. You have to know the person you are buying it for. If it’s you, the problem is much straightforward. You either know what you want or can find out just by focusing on what purpose you are buying it for. 

However, when it comes to others, a little of observations could go a long way. How old is the person? What circumstances are they in – you would find them for everyone from newly married to second-time mothers to teenage children. Your relationship with them is also very significant as there are charms based on all the relations - parenthood, friendship, colleagues, children, nephew, cousin, and what not! 

Learn About the Styles and Materials 

Charms are available in an infinite number of styles and designs. You would find styles based on an infinite number of themes – animals, environment, personal interests, love and romance, famous cities and landmarks, professional attributes, etc. While some designs like a pink heart charm would be dictated by relationship, butterfly charms would depend on the personal style 

There are also a number of different materials used to make charms such as silver, rose gold, yellow gold, stainless steel. They can be adorned with gemstones, intricate details, or engravings. Letters, zodiac signs, initials, and such are available too. 

Be Considerate to the Occasion 

As mentioned before, charms are suitable for every occasion. It doesn’t mean, however, that every charm is suitable for every occasion. For example, a charm for graduation may not be suitable as a birthday present or an anniversary gift. So, be mindful of the occasion you are buying it for. You can also go for inscribable charms, which you can engrave according to your preference. 

Do you own a charm bracelet or have you ever brought charms for a loved one? How did you decide on the perfect charm for the occasion? 


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