Monday 22 June 2020

Top Tips For Helping Your Kids With Maths

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For some children Maths comes naturally and can even one of their favourite subjects, however for others it can be much harder to master and become a point of frustration. However when it comes to maths it seems to be a skill that once mastered, sticks with kids and the sense of pride when they crack it is great. If your child is one of those who struggles with Maths sometimes there are plenty of ways that we as parents can help boost our children's numeracy skills from home, even if your own skills aren't the strongest or it isn't your favourite subject either. 

Here are some top tips from a pre-school in New York... 

Try to integrate maths into your daily lives to help your child learn without even realising it. For example, you could ask them to help you cook the dinner and use it as an opportunity to show them how to measure the ingredients. Another option is, when you go shopping together, you can ask them to work out how much the total cost will be and how much change you should receive if you pay with a particular amount of money. 

There are numerous practical resources online and lots of useful apps that can be downloaded to a smart phone or tablet. If you’re uncertain on what is or isn’t a suitable option for your child, ask the school for some suggestions. Many of the apps will consist of playing games and will make maths more enjoyable for your child, often they are learning without even knowing it.  

When your child is completing their maths homework or just figuring out a general mathematical equation, try and let them come to an answer without your help before you step in. If you carry out the calculations on their behalf, they will never be able to do them without you. Instead, you should ask them to show you how they came to a particular answer so that you can get an understanding of where they might have gone wrong along the way. This will allow you to help them improve next time. 

It’s probably a good idea to get in touch with your child’s teachers at school and ask for some information about the curriculum and what they’re currently learning in class. The more you understand about what they’re working on at school, the more comfortable you feel with supporting them at home and providing the appropriate resources. This applies to all subjects, not just maths. Some schools will even offer sessions where parents can go in to the school and learn about what your child will be learning about and what methods they use in school, these are definitely worth going along too if you can.  

If your child is truly struggling with maths, try and focus on lifting their spirits when they’re feeling defeated so that they don’t lose their confidence and enthusiasm. Encourage them by explaining that anyone can become a “maths person” if they keep practising! There is always the option to consider a maths tutor either in person or online if your child is really struggling or you think they could do with some extra help before exams etc. 

Do you have any tips for helping your child with Maths?


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