Sunday 21 June 2020

5 Ways To Make The Most of The Space In Your Home

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Most of us would love a bit more space in our homes right? But buying bigger homes or large home renovations can be costly and not always possible. But fear not because there are actually plenty of cost effective and easy to achieve ideas that you could be using in your home to create more space, or make the most of the space already in your home. 

Of course our homes are a reflection of us, they show our personalities, our likes and dislikes so when it comes to finding solutions for your home not everything will suit every home. However here are ways to help you make the most of the space in your home and make it work for you.

Hidden storage and floating shelves

When you are trying to maximise space the last thing you then want to do is take up much needed floor space with storage or big bulky units such as book shelves and cabinets. Instead using floating shelves that provide lots of storage for things like books, photos and ornaments but without taking up and floor space are a great option (and easy to put up too!). The great thing about floating shelves is they can be placed virtually anywhere, got an awkward corner in your home you never use? A floating shelf can make use of it whilst providing storage at the same time. 

Another option to consider when trying to make the most of the space in your home is using hidden storage. Hanging hooks or baskets inside kitchen unit doors to hand things like pots & pans, herbs and spices and any other kitchen gadgets you might have will leave your kitchen worktops looking clutter free. 

Extendable tables and furniture

If you are short on space but love the idea of having a big family table to sit around, thanks to extendable furniture you don't have to choose between space or table. There are now a huge range of coffee tables, dining room tables and even outdoor table areas that are all extendable and look amazing. So whatever the space you have or seating you need, you are sure to find something that can fit.

The great thing about extendable tables is that they can be used in the home day in their smallest form meaning they are still functional and practical and then when needed you can extend the table often very quickly and easily. 

Create an outdoor office or conservatory 

Working from home is becoming increasingly more popular, as is taking up hobbies which may require a home office or work space. But what happens if you just don't have the space for an office, or don't want to use up a bedroom to create one? Well how about using some of the garden space to create your own home office, away from the commotion of the home but still at home? 

Obviously this is a big change so it's not a decision to make overnight! However is you need an office or workspace and don't have the room inside the home its a great option to consider. Whether you go for an open and airy conservatory or a annex style office in the garden is totally your choice, however both would provide you with ample extra space and can sometimes even add value to your home if done well. 


Now this might seem like an obvious one but if you are anything like me you will be shocked by the amount of clutter we actually accumulate over a relatively short space of time! We consider our home pretty simple and uncluttered, however after a complete declutter (and several trips to the tip later!) we were shocked at just how much clutter and "stuff" we had accumulated in the last year or so. 

Not only does it feel good to declutter now and again (although maybe not at the time when you are actually doing it!) it can actually free up lots of space within your home. Get the kids on board too, ask them to sort through all their toys, books and bits and pieces in their bedrooms to declutter there too. We tend to go with the 3 box rule... one to keep, one to recycle/donate and one to throw away. 

Cabin Beds or beds with hidden storage

Bedrooms can often be one of the main spaces in our home that we look to make the most of a smaller space, especially if you have children. We all know how much our children love collecting things like toys, teddies and books and there is only so much space a bedroom can offer before in all explodes out onto the floor right? But one option to consider, especially in a smaller bedroom is a cabin bed. Cabin beds come in all shapes and sizes now, some with storage (even wardrobes!) underneath, others with a desk space, futons and even built in dens. If you are short on space a cabin bed can be a great fun option that not only will kids think is pretty cool, but will offer lots more storage options underneath too, really maximising the bedroom space. 

If you are looking for something for older children or even adults, an ottoman style bed offers an abundance of storage. From the outside these beds look like any normal bed, but the slats and mattress section can be lifted to reveal a storage section the size of the entire bed giving you plenty of storage space without losing any additional floor space. 

Another important tip to remember is to make the space work for you! It's all well and good having a home that looks like it could feature in the centre spread of a high end magazine, but if your home doesn't work or function for you and your families needs is it really worth it? 

Do you have any top tips or home hacks that help you make the most of the space in your home? I would love to hear them in the comments below. 


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