Wednesday 10 June 2020

Transforming Your Garden into a Space You Love

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As the warmer weather rolls around and our thoughts turn to those long summer days lots of us will be turning our attention to our gardens. Turning them from the neglected gardens from winter and frosts to beautiful family spaces where we can soak up the sun and entertain friends. 

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Gardens are our own little private outdoor space and now more than ever (given the current situation across the world) more and more people are beginning to appreciate just how great it is to have a garden space of their own. 

But what does the "perfect garden space" look like for you? Is it a space for entertaining, A space for relaxing (and soaking up some sunshine!), a space for kids full of fun and laughter or perhaps a place where you can dine alfresco? Whatever your perfect space is its important to take your time when planning it and really thinking about how you want your finished garden to look, feel and function. 

For me my perfect space would be a space for "family", with plenty of open space for the kids to run around, kick a ball and play garden games to their hearts content. Of course there would need to be a BBQ, its just not summer until we have brought out the BBQ! A spacious seating area where we could sit back and relax, sip on a cocktail or two or have friends over for summer days watching the kids splash in the pool and run around barefoot until the sun goes down. Not forgetting some subtle lighting and bursts of colour from beautiful flowers and that would be my own little slice of paradise in my garden!

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But however your perfect garden space looks there are some key things to think about when deciding on how your space will look and function. Here are some of my top tips of things to consider when creating a garden space you will love - 


Seating is a big part of a garden space and there are plenty of options to choose from whether you are looking for a space to eat/dine, a space to relax or a space where friends and family can all come together. So choosing the right kind of seating for a garden is a big decision and with so many choices out there you are sure to find something for every garden.

I absolutely love the look of the Skyline Design's rattan furniture which looks modern and stylish but still comfortable and relaxing. But if you are looking for something a little more formal you could go for an outdoor dining set such as a glass top table and chair set or if you are looking for the ultimate in relaxation, how about hammocks or large outdoor bean bags!


With summer just around the corner the smell of the BBQ can usually be smelt in the air and you just cant beat it! I love having all of the family round for a BBQ in the sun but there are plenty of options when it comes to dining "al fresco" in your garden too, you could even have an outdoor kitchen installed!

You could choose a gas or coal BBQ either freestanding or built into a section of your garden or if you really wanted something  bit different how about an outdoor pizza oven? If you prefer to cook in the kitchen having bi-folding doors or large patios doors connecting the kitchen with an outdoor space is also a great option without taking up any additional garden space.

Grass, Gravel or Patio

Another big decision to make when it comes to your garden if what kind of "floor" you will have. Of course options like patio or gravel make a garden much more low maintenance but they might not be very comfy to sit on or very practical if you have children who love to run around the garden. However grass does need some attention to keep it looking vibrant and of course does need cutting regularly, especially in summer months. So its worth keeping in mind how much you want to spend maintaining your garden.

Of course there is always the option of having artificial grass which may be a little more costly to put in place to begin with but then requires very little maintenance once down plus no mud even when it rains!

If you are looking for a sleek look decking works well and is easy to clean and for kids play areas in your garden bark or rubber matting tiles can create a softer surface for kids to run on and in case of any bumps or trips.

Choosing Plants and Flowers

When it comes to choosing plants and flowers, choosing ones that you love the look of is a big part of it but its also worth considering a few other things first. Firstly how much sun or shade the plants you would like need. If you have a garden full of sun and the plants you want need lots of shade it may be best to choose an alternative. It's also worth considering the type of soil you have and whether you are going to be planting straight into the ground or into planters, pots and baskets. If you are looking to create shady areas for your garden trees are a great, natural way to do so.

Most garden centres and similar places have really helpful staff who can point you in the right direction and lend a hand when it comes to choosing plants and flowers that will work for the space you have.

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I would love to hear all about your perfect/dream garden in the comments below so please do share. 


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  1. I have no garden at the moment as I live in an apartment. When I go back to living in a house I can't wait to have a garden that has a little separate guest house or office at the bottom so I could chill or put up guests. Perfect.

  2. I miss having a garden. I love to sit outside in the shade and read a book but since coming to the UK I haven't had that opportunity

  3. We have a lovely garden with an area for seating under a pergola hung with Wisteria. We do need more garden furniture though - especially since we can only meet up for a 'socially distanced' coffee. More single chairs than 2/3 seaters needed at the moment! I do like rattan garden furniture as it's pretty weather resistant.

  4. We are very lucky to have a good-sized garden. As we live right next to the woods, we have to accept that our lawn is never going to be pristine as lots of weeds make their way over. But we love it anyway!

  5. My garden has been an absolute lifesaver during lockdown. It's not perfect, but at least it's some outdoor space where we can sit and relax.

  6. I love our garden, it's something we've really worked on over the last few year. A fire pit would be nice though!

  7. We have spend so much time on our garden over the past few month, we've built a new playhouse and changed round flowerbed and planted new lawns the next on the list is a patio and some furniture, I really can't wait to get shopping!

  8. I have rattan furniture and I love it, its so comfy and easy to look after

  9. The house we have just bought had a lovely sized garden that I can’t wait to get stuck into. My partner wants to get some rattan furniture