Thursday 16 July 2020

5 Reasons Why Dogs Make Great Family Pets

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The decision to welcome a pet, especially a dog into a family home is a big decision and one that should be thought long and hard about. There are lots of responsibilities and things to consider before purchasing a new pet and it should be on the whole family is happy with. There are also things to consider such as whether you will buy a puppy or rescue a dog and what breed you will go for. Whichever you decide to go with, make sure you give them proper care with regular grooming, vet visits and investing in pet insurance.

As a family we have always wanted a pet dog (I have my heart set on a whippet or a dachshund myself) and think they make such loyal and friendly pets. Here are some of the reasons why I think dogs make such great family pets. 

Loveable companions

We all know that famous saying of "Dogs are a man's best friend" but in reality dogs make great friends and companions for the whole family. Dogs are, in general such loving, kind and loyal pets and once you choose to welcome a dog into your home they really do become part of the family. 

Not only do dogs bring a whole ton of energy and love to a home but they bring companionship, they bring friendship and they can also help with loneliness too. Having a furry companion in your home can be comforting for everyone in the home, helping and adults and kids with a friendly paw or furry 
cuddle when you might need it the most. 

Teach kids about responsibility and caring for animals

Caring for a family pet it a big responsibility and if you all decided to bring a pet such as a dog into the home then it should be a family responsibility to care for that pet too. Bringing a new dog home is a great opportunity for children to learn about how to care for a dog as well as teaching them about the responsibilities that come with having a pet too. 

Let the get involved in picking out things such as collars and leads, food bowls and of course importantly the dog bed as this is where your new family pet will be able to cuddle up when he or she is tired. There are plenty of choice when it comes to choosing a dog bed such as luxury dog beds or orthopaedic dog beds, don't forget to choose the right size for your dog breed. They could even take the time before getting the new dog to do a bit of their own research on what things works best so they feel they have had some responsibility in making some big decisions for your new family pet.

Exercise and Adventure

Dogs need exercise, regardless of their breed or age all dogs will need to be taken out at least once or twice a day to give them a chance to stretch their legs, explore and of course go to the toilet. So when you become a pet owner there is no escaping getting out for your daily exercise come rain, shine or snow! 

Having a dog who needs to go out is a great way to ensure you are getting your daily steps in, getting your heart pumping and your legs moving and its a task the whole family can get involved with too. That also means that with so many walks to be done you will find lots of new places to walk, spaces to explore and find yourself on plenty of new outdoor adventures with your new furry family member. 

They make great therapy pets or emotional support pets

Many people live with different illnesses or life long conditions that can effect their day to day life and whilst some people will require additional help from other people, for some a therapy dog or emotional support pet can actually be a huge help to their day to day living. Emotional support dogs not only make great family pets but they can provide a special service to those who may need it as well as bringing a sense of calm and relaxation too.

Emotional support pets offer a lifeline to some people, providing numerous benefits to those who need them including the companionship, support and stability people need to improve and enjoy their quality of life. Some of these specially trained pets are even able to pick up on certain illnesses, alerting their owners to the impending danger or issues often giving their owners some reassurance when at home.

A real confidence boost

For some people they can find it difficult to talk to others or find it daunting getting out and about, but a dog can be a great confidence boost for children and adults who are perhaps a little shy, anxious or who find it difficult getting out and about alone. You will naturally find people will gravitate towards people who own a dog and will often want to talk to you about the dog or stroke him which can be a great way to meet new friends and become more social. 

There are also lots of groups you can attend once you have a dog such as dog training classes and even agility type classes for dogs too. Not only will they help your dog learn some vital skills or cool tricks but they will also open up your confidence and social skills to as you and your dog work together. Kids can even get involved with these classes and take the lead in helping your dog learn to help build their confidence too as well as giving them a sense of responsibility. 

Do you have a pet dog? What tips would you share with others who are thinking about welcoming a new puppy or dog into your home? 


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