Sunday 5 July 2020

Bakedin Baking Club Subscription Box - Soft Baked Pretzels

**AD - Review**

I have been reviewing the Bakedin baking club subscription boxes for several months now and I have to say we have been really enjoying receiving these boxes and trying out lots of new recipes! If you haven't heard of Bakedin or their fantastic baking club before, its a monthly subscription box where each month you will receive a different baking box through the door. The box included a monthly recipe along with all of the dry ingredients you will need to complete the bake and all for under £10 a month too!

What I really love about the box is that it gives you the chance to try out new, exciting and totally different recipes that you may not have even thought of trying before. We have so far had a go at a chocolate drip cake, banana caramel muffins and now pretzels! This month was no exception and we were all excited to discover that the recipe for June was Soft Baked Pretzels! Something I had never tried before but was excited to try. 

As always the box comes with all of the dry ingredients and a few days before the box was despatched I received an email letting me know of any fresh ingredients (such as butter, milk, eggs etc) that I would need to buy for the bake. Every baking club box comes with a glossy, colourful recipe card which can be saved to use time and time again (it even has all the ingredients listed and the weights you need listed on the back). I think this is a great addition as not only does it make the recipe really easy to follow through pictures and words, but I love that you can then recreate the recipe over and over again if you love the recipes like we do. 

Not only do you get to try out new recipes with the Bakedin baking club but you also get to learn new techniques too. Pretzels are something I enjoy but not something I would ever have thought I could have made myself at home. But to my surprise they actually turned out really well and the kids couldn't even wait for them to cool down before tucking in.

The recipe calls for the pretzels, once cooked, to me dipped into a cinnamon sugar and be accompanied by a dark chocolate dipping sauce. However since the kids aren't fans of cinnamon we decided to go for a few of the pretzels coated in a dark chocolate drizzle with the rest dipped in the cinnamon sugar. And that's the great thing about the baking box too, you can adapt it as you please to suit you and your families likes and taste.

I can confirm the pretzels themselves were delicious (I opted for the cinnamon sugar ones as I love cinnamon!) they had a slightly tougher, chewy outside with a soft bread like centre and the sweetness of the cinnamon sugar was the perfect finishing touch.

One thing I would say is that unfortunately they don't seem to keep very well, perhaps because of the sugar coating maybe, I'm not sure? But when we stored ours in an airtight container they went a little sticky to touch the next day. However if you are worried about having too many left over you could always split the mixture in half and make half one time and half another day.

We loved June's box and had great fun trying out something completely new. We have been trying out the baking box for a few months now and would really recommend it if you love to bake or as a gift for a fellow baker (subscriptions are available to buy as 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 12 month subscriptions). If you want to find out more about the baking club or try it out for yourself you can fine out more on the Bakedin website.

Have you ever had a go at making pretzels yourself? Which would be your preferred topping, chocolate or cinnamon sugar?


**We received this subscription box for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own.**


  1. I love baked in- my favourite is the lemon drizzle. The cakes come out perfect all the time. I want to get the pretzel kit - looks so good. I love the classic sugar and cinnamon one

  2. Those pretzels look fabulous. I haven’t heard of the subscription box until now. I’ll check it out.

  3. Ooh you’ve done a great job, they look fab. Love this idea for a subscription

  4. Yes!! This is definitely up my street . The girls and I are mad pretzel fans and I can definitely see us ordering this for a Friday night girls treat