Wednesday 1 July 2020

Quick and Easy Ways to Add More Colour to Your Home

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When it comes to decorating your home it can be hard trying to choose a décor you are happy with and will want to keep in place for a long time. after all not many of us want to have to decorate every year when we get bored of the colour scheme! You could of course go all out with something like a Dallas Flower Wall rental or a little more subtle with extra accessories. However there is always a solution to this, and that is to go with a neutral colour/theme base for your home and add different colours and themes through a range of ways that can easily be changed time and time again. 

Adding more colour to your home doesn't have to expensive or take hours of hard work, in fact when it comes to adding colour to your home its often the little finishing touches that make the biggest impact. Below I am sharing some ways in which you can quickly and easily add splashes of colour to your home. 

Soft Furnishings 

Soft furnishings are a great way to add pops of colour to your home for minimum cost. This could be through cushions, throws, bedding, curtains or even rugs. If you are looking to really pack a punch of colour into an otherwise neutral room you could even opt for a sofa, chair, bed or another piece of large furniture with a bright, bold colour or print.

The great things about soft furnishings is that they can be added wherever you please and come in an almost endless variety of colours and even bold prints. You could even opt to make your own cushion covers or bedding (or pay someone to do it for you) so you ensure you get the exact design you are looking for. Plus with soft furnishings you can have several sets on hand to change up the look and feel of a room as often as you wish with very little effort as they can be sourced fairly cheaply too. 

Vinyl Stickers 

If you want to avoid painting your home but still want to add some design or colour, wall stickers and vinyl rugs are a quick and easy way to do so with minimal effort but still providing the wow factor. Whether you are looking to create a themed room, add a personalised touch with large name stickers or just add some colour into a room, wall stickers are perfect because they are easy to apply but also easy to change too. They can be placed on most interior walls and won't damage the paint either so perfect if you rent or want to avoid damaging paint work. Vinyl rugs are also a totally unique way to add more colour via the floor! Providing colour and design whilst being easy to clean, anti slip and antiallergic these vinyl rugs are perfect for most rooms in the home. 

In addition tile stickers are a great way to jazz up worn out tiles or to add a pop of colour in a space such as the kitchen or bathroom areas. Whether that be a bold single colour, a pattern or fun design or perhaps even some sparkle with a few glittery tile stickers, its a fun and easy way to add more colour that can be changed easily when you fancy a different look.

Pictures and Artwork

Most of us will have pictures around our home, perhaps family photos, pictures of your children or some artwork from your favourite artist. But have you ever considered using these pictures and artwork to add splashes of colour to your home? It is a great way to add bursts of colour to plain or neutral walls whilst giving you some beautiful artwork to look at too.

It could be a painting (or replica) from your favourite artist hung centrally on a neutral wall or simply family photos in a brightly coloured frame. All will add a focal point on a plain wall and add colour to your home
To make it more personal, you can even create your own poster that you can hang on your wall with your favourite quote, and use colourful fonts to add a colourful touch to your poster. You can easily download free fonts online, choose your favourite quote, and create your poster on Canva.


Similar to soft furnishings, adding a variety of accessories into your home can be a quick and easy way to add colour into your home that is also quick and easy to change whenever you want to. This could be through vases, trinkets, candles or even smaller pieces of furniture which look nice and provide functionality too. 

Accessories don't have to be costly either, they could be little pieces you have picked up through your life, things you have seen in shops or on your travels. Placed strategically accesories can be a great asset to a room and really pull together a theme or colour scheme. 

Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers are pretty and fun way to add splashes of colour (and fragrance!) to your home. Not only do they look really pretty they can also have great health benefits (aloe plants etc) and can even be used for cooking (herbs). I also feel like having a bunch of beautifully bright flowers in the window or in the centre of a table really lifts your mood whenever you see them right? There are some great subscription services out there now that even enable you to have fresh bunches of flowers delivered through your door each week/month etc. 

If you aren't very green fingered or don't want to have to worry about keeping plants topped up with water you could also go for a selection of artificial plants and flowers which require no care or attention and will look good in your home every day of the year.

Feature Wall

Whilst creating a feature wall isn't quite as easy to change as often as some of the suggestions above, but it is a great way to inject lots of colour into any room in your home. You could choose to create a feature wall with a block of bold colour against neutral white, cream or grey walls. Or go for a wallpaper with a geometric print or design that you love to add colour and design to a room. 

As you can see it can be super simple to add more colour to your home and most of the ideas above are super simple making them easy to change up whenever you feel like it, perfect if you like changing up your décor often or you are undecisive! 

Let me know in the comments below how you add colour to your home, do you go for any of the ideas above? 


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