Wednesday 15 February 2023

5 Ways to Create a Work Space at Home

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AD: People work from home for many reasons, perhaps you are self employed or you are able to have flexi days at work or perhaps you like to continue work once you get home to avoid work building up in the office. Whatever the reason may be the fact is that a lot of us (myself included) work from home and when the lockdown happened recently many more people found themselves working from home as offices and workplaces were closedIf you’re going to make this a huge DIY project, then consider the screw dimensions chart in the tools department at the hardware store as a must. You have to look at the project as a whole and that means knowing what tools to use and  how to use them. Your workspace at home is going to be so much better when you create it yourself.

Whilst working from home may sound more attractive than commuting each day, it can actually be really hard to get into the right frame of mind for a "day at work" when you work from your living room. It can feel quite isolating and if you are anything like me, you constantly spot other tasks around the home that need doing! Some clothes to put away, a whip round with the hoover or an ever increasing washing up pile. When you work from home it can be really hard to find the right work/life balance and to stay focused.

So today I am sharing 5 tips on how to create a productive and comfy space to work in your own home -

An Easy to Clean and Maintain Space 

The last thing you need is a work space that needs constantly cleaning, it is just going to be a big distraction whilst you try to work. Work out what you really need around you to work, perhaps consider some handy storage so you can keep your main work space or desk area clear and easy to use. If you have a dedicated work space perhaps consider a sold wood floor, lino or engineered wood flooring as this is easy to keep clean with a simple mop or hoover once a day.

Every few weeks have a clear out and work out what you really need in that space. If you havent used it or are unlikely to anytime soon, does it really need to be in your home office? The more organised you can keep your space, and the less clutter in their the easier it will be to maintain, keep clean and be a productive work space for you to use.

Light, Bright and Neutral Décor

Whether you have a dedicated home office or your work from a kitchen table, the décor around you can really effect your mood when working. If a room feels dark, drab or unwelcoming the likelihood is you will feel that same way about working from their too. Instead choose light, bright and airy colours that make a room feel spacious and bright if you are a fan of bright colours or a certain theme you could always then add accessories to a room to show off your personality.

Our surrounds have a big influence or our mental and emotional feelings and so when choosing the room you are working from or the décor for your home office then consider how a certain colour makes you feel and how it makes the room feel too.

Set Up Your Own Office Area 

Whilst is might feel super comfy working in the your pyjamas from bed or on the sofa with the TV on in the background it may not be the most productive place to work from. Instead try to set up your own office or work area within your home or garden. This doesn't have to be an extravagant area, it could be as simple as a small desk in your bedroom or the dining room table that nobody else will be sat at all day. Alternatively, it could be a spare bedroom that you could transform into a space of your own or a home office outbuilding in the garden.

Whatever you decide, or that your space will allow, try to find a space of your own. Somewhere you will get minimal distractions and can store everything you will need safely away from little ones or mess. Having a space to go to that you associate your "work space" will put you in a much better, more productive mindset ready for the day ahead. When setting up your space don't forget to think about whether you need drinking water, and cooking facilities and the most important is ensuring you have a good internet speed for remote work too.

Set Yourself a "Work" Time and a "Free" Time

It can be really easy to become "distracted" by day to day jobs at home when you are supposed to be working. Little tasks like loading a dishwasher, ironing, cooking, cleaning or just general distractions such as mobile phones or Netflix! Whilst in a traditional work environment you are given working hours or will need to clock in and out, working from home often offers much more flexibility. Whilst that is great for those like myself with kids who need to work around other commitments (and school runs!). It can also mean I end up working until some ridiculous time in the early hours of the morning sometimes!

If you can try to set yourself a "working time", allow for breaks (if you have a school run to fit in perhaps plan breaks around these) and most importantly set yourself a finish time! It is so important to allow yourself some down time, even if having work at home it might be tempting to continue with. Setting yourself a realistic finish time means you can "down tools" once that time comes and try to enjoy some time away from your work until the following day.

Make it Comfy and Make it Your Own! 

Most importantly when working from home is that you need to feel comfortable, both physically and mentally. That means having a space you enjoy going to (ok ok I know not many of us actually "enjoy" going to work) but when you have the flexibility through working form home, you can really try to create a comfy space to work from. Think about investing in a comfortable office chair, especially if you are going to be sitting for long periods of time. Add things like plants, art or family photos on your desk to make it feel like a personal space to you too.

The great thing about creating your own home office is your aren't limited to what you can or cant have! The only rules are the ones you create so go ahead and make the space you work in a space you love to be in too. It will make "going to work" or doing work feel as enjoyable as it can do!

Do you work from home? If so I would love to hear how you find working from home and what kind of space you have to work from?


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