Wednesday 15 February 2023

5 Kid's Beds with an Extra Guest Bed for Sleepovers

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Single beds with an extra guest bed double up sleeping space in a practical way, making them an excellent choice for kids' bedrooms. The beauty of these beds is that they look like regular beds when the guest bed is hidden, maximising floor space most of the time, but have a slide-out bed that stays below the main bed or folds out to make a double or king. 

Because beds with an extra guest bed use standard mattresses, they also provide more comfort than fold-out beds and sleeping on the floor. This article reveals our favourite 5 kid's bests with an extra guest bed in 2023, with prices starting from only £580. 

Let's jump in! 

Julian Bowen Maine Bookcase Pull-Out Guest Bed 

Price: £439. 

The Julian Bowen Maine(pictured above)is our top pick for a kid's bed with an extra guest bed because the high headboard has a built-in bookcase shelf for keeping books within arm's reach – perfect for children who love story time! 

The dove grey frame includes a footboard and trundle side panel with New England shaker-style panelling for a touch of class, and the trundle bed sits on castor wheels, making it easy to pull out and move around the bedroom. 

The trundle and top bed use a standard single mattress which you can buy together from Bedstar for 20% off. Check out the product page for more info. 

Bedmr Tyler 

Bedmr Tyler 3FT Single Wooden Bed with Trundle Bed. Available from Bedstar 

Price: £459. 

The Bedmr Tyler is a stylish grey and white cabin bed with a pull-out trundle bed on small castor wheels. It has shelving for books and games, with the full-size single mattress on the top providing plenty of space.   

When not in use, the trundle can also be used as a huge drawer, giving your kid loads of storage space (perfect for when your kid gets older, and sleepovers are rare). With its grey and white colour scheme, the Bedmr Tyler fits into contemporary bedrooms and is ideal for children from age four. 

Shire Beds Elizabeth 

Priced: Shire Beds Elizabeth 3FT Single Divan Guest Bed. Available from Bedstar 
Price: £580. 

The Shire Beds Elizabeth is a single divan bed with a slide-out guest bed that doubles up sleeping space on the floor. The underside bed sits on small castor wheels, making it easy to move around to suit your kid's bedroom. 

It comes with two medium-feel mattresses, both open coil units with a gorgeous quilted top surface and synthetic fibre fillings. The mattress also has a firm edge support system, letting your kid sleep up to the edge. If you want a simple, comfortable kid's bed with an extra guest bed, the Shire Elizabeth is an affordable option you won't regret. 

Giltedge Beds Buckingham 

Pictured: Giltedge Beds Buckingham 1000 3FT Single Divan Guest Bed. Available from Bedstar.

Price: £599. 

The Giltedge Beds Buckingham is a clever, converting guest bed with pop-up legs, letting you raise the guest bed to the standard bed height. You can use it as a larger or twin bed to sleep two children separately.

The mattresses are more advanced than most guest beds, with 1,000 pocket springs, premium fibre fillings, and 26cm depth. The mattresses prioritise comfort, with a hand-tufted finish and edge-to-edge support. You can also choose a headboard with this bed frame and from six chenille fabric finishes to suit your kid's taste. 

Julian Bowen Mars (bunk bed)

Pictured: Julian Bowen Mars Wooden Bunk Bed Charcoal. Available from Bedstar 

Price: £659. 

The Julian Bowen Mars sleeps three children with two bunks and one slide-out trundle bed perfect for sleepovers. It doesn't come with mattresses, but it allows you to choose your mattresses and budget accordingly. 

The white frame is made from solid hardwood with a durable white lacquer finish, a chunky ladder frame, and built-in external shelves on the top bunk. It looks the part, and both bunks have a solid slatted base for durability. 

The pull-out trundle sits on castor wheels and provides a convenient third sleeping space for children, making sleepovers a breeze. This bed is also available in a two-tone charcoal finish. 

As you can see, when it comes to needed extra sleeping space there are plenty of options. Whether it is for occasional friend sleepovers, older children returning home now and again or just extra space for visitors and guests, with these beds you will also have space for a sleepover!


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