Friday 14 August 2020

Smoby Aquaplay Superset **REVIEW**

**AD - Review**

Over the last few weeks the weather has been absolutely scorching here and it has meant the kids have been enjoying spending loads of time out in the garden playing. Which considering we have been stuck in for so long has been lovely, Evelyn was even more excited when she realised she had a new toy to try out in the garden too. Especially when she found out it was water play, one of her favourite sensory things to play with!

Evelyn loves to play with water, be in the water, splash, kick and swim, in fact you name it she would probably do it if water was involved. I am forever referring to Evelyn and her big brother as water babies as they both just love water and that is definitely true when it comes to playing too. So you can imagine her excitement when the Smoby Aquaplay Superset arrived, in perfect time for the beautiful sunny weather as well.

The Aquaplay Superset is a large oval shape and comes in parts so will need to be built when you first use it. The set comes with some rubber seals which need to be carefully placed on all of the red connectors, this ensures water doesn't leak out once the set is full of water. Once the seals are all on assembly of the set is actually really simply and I managed to put the whole thing together in around 10 minutes by myself.

Once built you simply fill the set with water and you are ready to go. The Aquaplay Superset comes with two different boats/vehicles as well as a range of different activities such as the tap, locks and paddle wheel which when you spin it enables the boats to move around the canal without you touching them at all.  The colours of the set are super bright and really eye catching especially for little ones which makes this set feel like lots of fun and Evelyn wanted to play with it as soon as it was put together.

There are lots of great features on this set which are not only loads of fun to play with but also help teach children about water moves, about how it can be pumped from one area to another, as well as how things can be loaded onto ships and boats. The tap feature which pumps water from one section to another was one of Evelyn's favourite bits and she spent ages pumping water too and from different areas. We spoke about how boats can get up hill using a lock system which she thought was great fun.

The crane is also another great little feature on the set which can be used to load and unload boxes (that come with the set) on and off the boat and amphibious car whilst they remain in the water. The kids were fascinated to learn this is really how they sometimes load large cargo onto boats and it opened up lots of conversations about boats and water which was great. All of the mechanisms on the set are easily used and Evelyn was able to work out how they all moved straight away with no guidance at all.

If your children love water play or boats etc then this is definitely a set to consider. It has provided hours of fun for Evelyn (who is 6) so far and I am sure will do for many more hours too. It is fun, educational and doesn't take up huge amounts of room so is perfect for smaller gardens too. Plus if your child really enjoys this set it can actually be extended by joining it with any of the other Aquaplay sets offering even more fun and water play opportunities.

The Smoby Aquaplay Superset is available from Very and is currently priced at £54.99.


**We received the Smoby Aquaplay Superset for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own.**

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