Thursday 13 August 2020

5 Tips For Making Your Home Feel More Cosy

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It might be summer right now but it won't be long before the darker evenings start drawing in and the colder weather starts creeping in. Can you believe we are midway through August already? Being in lockdown has completely thrown me time wise and every day I have to double check even what day it is. Time has moved in a strange way, slow but quick all at the same time and I seem to have blinked and spring/summer has been zooming by. However I know that once the kids go back to school it won't be long before Autumn creeps in and brings with it the colder (often wet!) weather. When that happens there is nothing that really beats coming home, throwing on your pyjamas and getting cosy at home is there? Especially after a soggy wet school run or return from a long day at work!

Whilst most of us have ditched the duvets for bedtime and littered our homes with fans, but when the colder weather creeps in those fans will be retreating back to the loft and we turn our thoughts to creating a warm, cosy and relaxing space where we can dry off, warm up and enjoy getting comfy in during the colder autumn and winter months.

Today I am sharing some quick, easy and simple ways that you could transform your space in a cosy space once the weather changes, I would also love to hear your suggestions in the comments below too.

Soft Furnishings 

Using soft furnishings such as pillows, cushions and throws is probably one of the easiest and quickest ways to create a more cosy feeling in your home. Soft furnishings can be added to beds, sofa's or just about anywhere in your home that you choose to relax in and not only do they look great but they are useful in keeping us warm too. The great thing about using soft furnishings is that you can match them to your home d├ęcor too so everything ties in together and nothing looks out of place. You can even get matching fabrics for cushions, curtains and throws if you want everything to be perfectly matched.


If you have hard flooring such as engineered wood flooring, vinyl flooring or laminate flooring you will know all to well that in colder months it can get quite chilly. Putting carpet down is often a costly and time consuming task and if you love the look of your flooring you wont want to cover it up with carpet. Using a rug however can provide you with something warm and cosy underfoot in areas you spend lots of time in such as the living space, whilst still leaving lots of the beautiful flooring exposed. Have a big fluffy rug in the middle of a room also helps to create a cosy feature that draws you into the room too.

Candles & Lamps 

Whilst bright white lights might illuminate a room, they can often create a cold or clinical feel which doesn't really lend itself to creating a cosy, calm space. Instead using lights with a softer hue, lights that be used on a dimmer switch or carefully placed lamps and candles, can help create a much cosier atmosphere. If you are worried about having candles around younger children, hanging fairy lights in a room can be another great option for creating softer lighting and can be used in almost any room in the house. 

Warm Colours

A lick of paint can make an room feel brand new again, but if you are looking to create a space that has a comforting, warm feeling then choosing colours in shades of red or darker colours can help create a space that feels cosy. Of course painting a room is a quite a big and drastic change so if you are want to pack a punch with colour without painting you could use artwork, accessories and pictures to create the same feeling but without the effort of painting the whole room.

Check for Draughts 

You could have all the blankets in the world and your heating right up, but if you have draughts in your home through windows or doors etc then you might find it hard to really warm your home up in cold months as the heat just seems to escape and the cold creeps in. Whilst the weather is still relatively warm, now is the time to get these draughts sorted either yourself or hire someone to help. Doing the work now means you won't have to mess around with having work done on doors and windows in colder months and it means your home will feel cosy come winter as well as probably saving you money on energy bills too.

If you have an area with a large draught and for whatever reason cannot fix it, try using a large, heavy floor length curtain and a telescopic pole and hang it in front of the door or space where the draft is coming from. It won't be the perfect solution but it will help stop a lot of the draught coming into your space.

The best bit is when you get to sit back and enjoy it all, with your fleecy pyjamas and a hot chocolate you will be so glad you took the time to create a cosy space to come back to on a cold winter evening.

How do you help your home to feel more cosy in colder months?


**This is a collaborative post.**

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