Monday 10 August 2020

The Benefits of Distance Learning For Busy Parents

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When I left school I had no idea what it was that I wanted to do after. It was quite daunting at 16 years old to be asked what your dreams, ambitions and career path would be, especially when you didn't really know. However I knew I wanted to go to college and decided to pursue something I was interested in anyway which happened to be a Fashion and Design course. I had a great time learning new art and sewing skills as well as making new friends but I realised this wasn't what I wanted to do as a career.

Confused and unsure of what I wanted to do I left college and started working in a local café, but at just 18, before I had even had the time and space to think about where I would go or what I would study next I fell pregnant! I was scared, excited, nervous basically all of the emotions rolled into one and when my little boy came along I was over the moon, but it definitely left any idea's of studying in the wind. I guess I felt that having a baby, becoming a parent and studying just didn't work, or more to the point couldn't work. How could I study, go to college and look after a child? But that was before I knew about how distance learning worked and all of the amazing options and opportunities available to study all from the comfort of your own home!

There are so many great courses available out there to people who for whatever reason don't feel like they can make it to a college or do not wish to attend a college environment. From GCSE's and online A Level courses, to Industry specific accredited certification or even things like PPC training where you can perfect your online skills. With so much choice you can find a range of course available to help you pursue a career in many different sectors.

Here are just some of the benefits of distance learning for busy parents -


Most traditional college courses will require you to attend a school/college/university building several times a week and at set times. When you are a parent or if you already have a full time job it can be very difficult to actually attend on set days and times every week for various reasons. That could be your work hours clash, you cannot get childcare or perhaps you don't drive and are unable to get to the building itself.

Either way distance learning removes that worry and offers the ultimate flexibility as you can fit in lessons and study whenever you can. You could make time in the mornings, evenings or even short bursts throughout the day. As long as you complete the work required it is up to you when you choose to study.


One of the major issues that often stands in the way of people studying once they have children is childcare! Childcare is very costly and if you have had to stop working on lower your hours to fit in a college course it can be hard to then find the money to pay for childcare. It can also be a huge commitment to ask family or friends to help with childcare as if they are unable to help for any reasons it could mean missing classes etc.

Studying from home means no need for childcare and if your children attend a nursery or school then you can be there for drop offs and pick ups without having to worry about being back in time or paying for costly breakfast and after school clubs. It also means you can be there for any plays, assemblies and stay and play sessions your child might want to attend.

Study Anywhere 

The majority of distance learning courses can be completed soley from home meaning no need to ever attend a classroom at all. This means you can literally study from anywhere you want, this can be a great option if you travel often (no need to stop as long as you can take your laptop etc with you!) or plan on maybe moving in the near future. There is no uprooting, changing courses, classes or colleges, you can simply continue with your course without and disruption.

One to One Support

When you attend a traditional school or college you will often be in a class of 20+ other students meaning getting one to one support and help can be difficult. However when you study online you will more than likely have access to a dedicated tutor or support network who are there to help you most of the time. Of course it may take them a little while to reply, but knowing you can message/email at any time with any questions or queries you might have or just for support and guidance is a big confidence boost and definitely helps relieve any anxiety. 

These tutors and support networks are dedicated to helping you succeed and often people also feel much more confident to ask questions or seek advice via an online platform than in person or in front of a whole class.

Cost Effective

Compared to attending a traditional college, studying from home is often much more cost effective and typically it costs less to study from home. Places that offer distance learning will often have less overheads and costs to consider and will therefore often pass this saving down to students, making courses a very affordable option.

Have you ever considered studying from home or learning a new skill via a distance learning skill? If so let me know in the comments below what new skill you are or would love to study via a distance learning course.


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  1. I was doing uni via distance learning, for me it worked so well. You have to be quite disciplined but it is so worth it all in the end.

  2. Learning online has become so popular over the past few years and I can imagine even more so now.

  3. I was talking to my friend about this the other day her daughter is turning 18 next month and still not sure what she wants to do, so like you is finishing 6th form and then going to college. I have looked at distant learning before I have often wanted to do somthing social as love helping others

  4. When I left school I suffered with depression and anxiety so couldn't work or learn. In my 20's I started doing an Open University course which I loved. But I couldn't afford to carry on with the last few modules. Which was such a shame, as I loved learning from home.

  5. As a mum of two I think distance learning is the best way for us mums to get the education we missed and spend quality time together with our kids

  6. I've considered it before but never got round to it! Steve is about to start a distance learning course in accountancy.

  7. Distance learning is a great idea, although I missed the structure of having lessons. You have to be motivated

  8. Distance learning is a great idea and it means that everyone can do it regardless of their situation. I guess you need to be disciplined to do it.