Wednesday 23 September 2020

Series 3 Rainbocorns from ZURU! **REVIEW**

 **AD - Review**

We all love receiving happy mail, but when you are six and a gigantic (and I mean ginormous) pink surprise egg lands on your doorstep, the excitement is next level! So can you imagine just how excited Evelyn was when this giant pink egg arrived for her to open? It is full to the brim with new and exciting toys from the new Rainbocorns range for her to open and we can't wait to share them all with you. 

It's actually part of a very exciting new project with ZURU that we were over the moon to be selected for. We are part of the ZURU Instagram Elite League, meaning we get to share lots of amazing toys from ZURU with you, share our thoughts and even give you guys the chance to win some amazing prizes too (check out my Instagram for more information about this). 

Anyway more about the egg... I am sure most of you with kids will have heard of Rainbocorns but for those who haven't, Rainbocorns are the ultimate surprise egg toy aimed at children age 3-12 years old. Each Rainbocorn includes a fun, quirky and adorable plush toy which consists of an animal such as dog, flamingo, toucan or sloth (to name a few!) mixed with super cute unicorn features. Every Rainbocorn also comes with a range of other surprises too, you might even find some mini boo-boocorns too. 

Here is some of the range that was hidden inside our giant surprise egg - 

Below I am going to show you all the different and new Rainbocorn products available in the latest series 3 range. Keep reading too as at the end I will give you the details on how you could get your hands on some Rainbocorns goodies yourself in my giveaway! 

Rainborcorns Wild Heart Surprise Series 3

Rainbocorns Wild Heart Surprise are full to the brim with 10 layers of wild surprises. This includes an all new Rainbocorns Wild Heart character, 2 Eggs, a Sequin Heart, a Boo-Boocorn, a Wild Nail Decals, a Rainbocorn Wild Poop, a Hatching Hint and a Collectors Guide. There are 6 new characters to collect including the new Tucancorn, Zebracorn and even a rare sparkle Slothcorn! There are also rare Boo-Boocorns to collect too such as the rare twins, but who will you find? Here is who we found inside ours - 

Every large Rainbocorns characters comes with a sequin heart that clips onto their belly. You can flip the sequins to review a clue about what your character loves, note to parents this actually reveals what character you have so you can avoid opening up duplicates. This heart has a large clip on the back too so it can be clipped onto a bag or worn as an accessory which of course Evelyn loved. The wild Rainbocorn wild poop was also, of course, a big hit! What kid's don't love glittery slime! It is worth noting however that you will require a container for this as the bags it comes in get ripped open quickly. 

Rainbocorns Sparkle Heart Surprise Series 2 

Rainbocorns Sparkle Heart Surprise are smaller than the Rainbocorns Wild Heart Surprise shown above but just as adorable! Each mini Rainbocorn character comes complete with a sparkly heart that has a peelable sticker on top, simple peel to reveal your new Rainbocorns likes and hobbies. Each character also comes with its very own Boo-boocorns surprise stamp (there are over 34 to find!). You will also find a packet of Rainbocorn glitter poop (slime) hiding within the egg too. There are 6 characters to collect in total including Monkeycorn, Lioncorn, Owlcorn, Flamingocorn, Pandacorn and Unicorn. 

Rainbocorns ITZY GLITZY SURPISE Collectible Eggs (available in packs of 2 or 4)

The Itzy Glitzy surprise collectible eggs are available in packs of 2 or 4 and are a hard plastic palm sized egg (similar to a kinder egg type size). But don't be fooled by their size as these eggs still contain lots of surprised and are lots of fun to open too. 

Hatch open each egg to see who you will find plus a few extra surprises too. 
There are 26 characters in this series, with lots of surprises inside each egg too. These include hair clips, rings, bows, wings and your new Itzy Glitzy's can even turn into some awesome pencil toppers so they can come with you wherever you go. The gem on the front of each egg actually detaches and can be popped onto a plastic extendable ring that is found inside the egg to make some amazing looking dress up/costume jewellery. There are also a few rares and ultra rares to collect in this range too so keep an eye out for them when hatching your eggs.

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Do your kids have any Rainbocorns already? If so let me know which ones are their favourites in the comments below. 


**I received these products for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own.**


  1. I love these and by your Daughters face she did too, I have a special little 3 year old who would love these x

  2. I have never heard of these but WOW! I think if I was a young girl I would be very excited if this was delivered to my house!

    My girls absolutely love anything like this so I will keep my eye out for Christmas x

  3. Oh wow, this looks fantastic. I love that there is so much housed inside that giant egg. It would make an egg-cellent Christmas gift. Pun intended x

  4. How cute are these - what a fun idea for kids and it's nice you can get different sizes from the mini to the normal!

  5. Those look so cool! I think I would be very excited too if a giant pink egg arrived on my doorstep. The Rainbocorns look amazing, I bet Olivia would love them.

  6. They look like fabulous fun to play with. Your daughter looks so happy there with them.

  7. Awww look at her face she truly loves her gift, the egg is enormous, I am in love

  8. My daughter has been asking these Zuru Rainbocorns and I can see why, these eggs are super cool as it is such a suprise for little ones to open to see whats inside it

  9. These look so much fun. My son has always enjoyed blind bags an surprise toys. They are very popular.

  10. This looks amazing!! I really love the little white owlcorn and want one for myself. So Cute!!!

  11. My daughter has them all except squeaky jay blue sausage dog, she is autistic and gets upset as we can’t get this one.
    If by any chance someone has one to sell or knows where we can get this one please please let me know.
    Thanks for reading