Saturday 7 November 2020

7 Ways Dogs Can Improve the Health of Your Family

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Dogs are extremely smart animals that can be trained to help and support people with a number of health conditions and disabilities. However, even when they aren’t taught these skills, dogs can naturally support the health and wellbeing of their family. Introducing a dog into your household is a big commitment and responsibility, but there are many benefits to becoming a dog owner. Not only do they teach your children responsibility, but they also provide mental and emotional support, plus improvements to your physical health. 

To help you understand more, here are 7 ways a dog can improve the health of your family.  

Petting Dogs Reduces Stress 

Taking care of a family is hard work and it can be stressful at times, especially if you have a job too. Stress is also a common cause to other health issues like IBS - which affects 17% of the UK, reducing stress can help alleviate symptoms of many diseases too, which is why it is so important to try to combat stress in our lives. Being a dog owner is a lot of responsibility and requires a lot of time and patience, but studies have shown that petting a dog can actually reduce stress. When you run your hands through their fur, or simply spend time with your canine companion, oxytocin will be released into your brain. This is a stress busting hormone. It also reduces the production of cortisol, which is the stress hormone.  

You Will Exercise More  

In order to keep your dog happy, healthy and well-behaved, you need to exercise them often. Owning a dog will encourage your family to go on walks and play more often. As your dog ages, they may slow down a bit, but this shouldn’t stop you exercising with your pooch. You will just need to take extra care and adapt your ways. To help keep their joints healthy, you should check out yumove.co.uk. This dog supplement supplier sells products containing glucosamine and chondroitin, which will provide their joints with lubrication. 

They Get You Outside 

Whatever breed of dog you have, exercise is always better when it’s done outside. Sometimes, poor weather can keep you indoors, but dogs should not be kept inside all day every day, and you will find yourself outside more often as a dog owner. Also, it can be hard to get children excited about spending time outdoors, but having a dog that they love and enjoy playing with will encourage them to get outside, explore new places as a family and get active, instead of sitting inside staring at a screen.  

Your Mood Will Improve  

With all that extra exercise and time outdoors, plus a fluffy friend that is happy and enthusiastic about spending time with you, the mood of you and your household will improve. When you spend more time outdoors in the sunlightyour vitamin D levels will rise. Some studies suggest that vitamin D helps to fight certain mental and physical health conditions. When you become more active, levels of endorphins, dopamine and adrenaline increases, which makes you feel happy, confident and capable.  

Talking to Them Helps  

They won’t be able to understand every word you say to them, but talking to your dog does have many benefits to your mental health. You will be able to speak to your dog about anything you want to get off your chest, knowing that they won’t judge you or tell your secrets. When you are dealing with something difficult, sometimes talking it out is the best thing. For children, having a dog to learn with and read to can improve their reading skills and build their confidence, without being criticised.  

Will Build Your Immunity  

People used to think that a pet would lead to children developing health issues; however, research proves that this is not true and owning a pet actually does the complete opposite. Owning a dog can boost the immune system, making it easier to fight illness. If children are raised around pets, the chances of them developing an allergy later on in life are reduced. This is because they would have been exposed to pet hair early on in life, which leads to developing allergic sensitisation to that animal.  

Improves Your Social Life 

Being a parent can be lonely, but if you own a dog, then you will always have company in the home and your social life may improve too. A dog’s ability to make you feel more comfortable can reduce social anxiety, which will inspire you to speak to new people and be more active with large groups. All dog owners have to walk their dogs, so if you have friends or family that own dogs, you can start doing doggy things together and make friends while doing so. You will also meet people at training classes.  

Getting your family to eat their greens, sleep well and drink plenty of water will keep you all healthy. However, if you really want to become a healthier and happier family, you should adopt a dog into your family. Just make sure you do your research and are prepared for the responsibility beforehand. 

Do you have any pets in your home or is it something you have considered? We would love a family dog when we buy our own home! 


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