Sunday 8 November 2020

How to Make Your Front Door Stand Out


Have you just come home from your weekly grocery shopping, trying to juggle four shopping bags and opening your front door at the same time, when you noticed that your door handle was not working properly? Or perhaps your house numbers were rusty and honestly, the entrance to your home wasn’t as welcoming as it once was? If this is you then it maybe time to consider a change!  

If you think your home entrance looks okay but you aren't totally happy with it, don’t just settle for it. Your house entrance is one of the most, important parts of your home and is often the first impression people will get of your home when they arrive. And don’t just take my word for it, Ironmongery Experts, family-run ironmongery business, thinks the same! As mentioned on this article, Ironmongery Experts believe that giving your entrance an uplift will “improve your home’s kerb appeal” plus, by replacing “old and worn hardware with modern and brand-new hardware” you will also increase your front door security.

But, how to make your front door standout? How can you give your entrance an uplift? Don’t worry this post will give you some great ideas for really sprucing up your home entrance. From replacing ironmongery to giving your front door a new coat of paint, there are plenty of ways you can make your home entrance shine.

1. Upgrade your door furniture.

Changing ironmongery for doors, also known as door furniture, is one of the easiest ways to give your front door an uplift. Door furniture is not only practical but also highly decorative. If you thought that door hinges, door handles, door knockers and even door letters can’t be pretty, think again because door furniture can go from pretty to pretty ugly if you don’t give it enough thought.

Ironmongery Experts recommend changing any door furniture that is old and worn or that doesn’t bring you any joy. If you are looking for some door furniture inspiration, they stock a variety of entrance door ironmongery suitable for any house, shape or form. 

2. Transform your door.

If your front door is old or beyond sprucing up with new ironmongery then you may wish to consider transforming the door itself. Whilst this can be a more costly option it does mean you will have full control over the complete look of your door allowing you to choose things like the design, letterbox placement and whether you have glass panels etc in the door. 

This article on Ideal Home recommends painting your front door or replacing it altogether if it is looking tired, worn or unappealing. They mention that there are several essential factors to consider when choosing a new front door, from the location of your house, as “a south-facing house will demand a harder wood.”, to matching the period of your home so that everything ties in together. 

3. Think about lighting.

When you think about the entranceway to your home, light may not be the first thing you think about. However light is so important when it comes to your front door, both for the outside of your home and the inside! 

If you have a dark hallway inside your home, having a front door with several frosted glass or stain glass panels in can really help flood light into your home. If you want to really frame the entrance to your home all year round it may also be worth considering some garden or porch lights around the front on your home. This will not only illuminate your front door but will increase the ease and safety of accessing your home in the dark. 

4. Add colour into your entrance.

If you look down any given street you will probably notice a plethora of colour when it comes to the front of peoples home and more noticeably their front door colours. Choosing a colour for your front door is a big decision but don't be afraid to use colour to express some personality and add colour to your home.  

If you would rather go for a more neutral colour for your front door or prefer a more clean white or wood finish there are other ways in which you can add colour to your entrance too. Colour can be easily added with some plants and flowers or ornaments. As Better Homes and Gardens mention in this article, “Choosing the right plants for your front garden is a long-term investment in your home’s kerb appeal.” This could be plants in pots, hanging baskets or even raised beds around the front of your home. 

Is kerb appeal important to you? If so how do you make your front door standout?


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