Sunday 24 January 2021

Basic Tools Every Woman Should Own


Gone are the days when men did all the home repairs and do-it-yourself projects, it’s 2021 and women can roll up their sleeves and tackle some tasks around the house. The feeling of being handy or knowing you’re capable of doing certain things around the house is empowering and a useful skill to have too!.

But before you start planning out your next DIY job or tackling a big job around the home, what do you actually need for these tasks? With the help of Speedy Fixings, fixings specialists, I’ve put together some of the essential tools every woman should own to tackle most tasks, from installing a shelf fixing a leaky tap.

Safety equipment

Before you start anything, the most important thing to remember is to prepare and stay safe! In fact your safety equipment might be the most important equipment of all. That's because it will enable to you complete to job safely and carefully. If you are working with power tools for instance, don’t forget to purchase safety goggles, gloves and perhaps some earplugs. If your equipment is going to be noisy don't forget ear defenders too!


In a recent blog post by Speedy Fixings, they commented how “screwdrivers are a necessity in any household.” And I couldn’t agree more since most things seem to require a screwdriver to gain access nowadays! From kids toys to gadgets and fixtures in your home, all will require a screwdriver to access it for fixing or replacing parts. Instead of asking your neighbour or friend for a screwdriver every time you need one, get a screwdriver set or a multi-bit screwdriver. A multi-set of screwdrivers with a mixture of flat head and positive drive attachments will be a super value piece of kit for anyone. 


Looking to hang a picture on the wall? Perhaps you’re trying to assemble your wardrobe? A hammer is essential. They come in handy for a variety of jobs, just be sure to make sure you get the right hammer for the job or material you will be using it on. A claw hammer is your best option as with the claw part, you can remove any misplaced or bent nails.

Spirit level

We have all been there, hang a shelf or a picture only to step back and realise its super wonky! As this article on Bustle describes it, “A leveller is an old school tool that everyone should have in their house.” If you want to make sure things are perfectly straight, you will need a spirit level. Spirit levels are super easy to use but very effective and can be used for all different jobs, big or small. 

Utility knives

Utility knives are another multi use tool that is so handy to have in your took kit. You can use it to open parcels, cut wallpaper, score wood or even just to cut cardboard with utility knives. These are very handy to have and can be used for a variety of tasks and as long as you keep the blade sharp (or replace it regularly) they are very effective. 

Measuring tape

As Cori George mentions in her blog Hey, Lets Make Stuff, “If you want to hang a photo in the middle of a wall, or hang several photos at the same height, you’re going to need a measuring tape. You can always eyeball it, but unless you’re really good as guessing, it’s much easier to rely on a tool than your eye.” And she couldn’t be any more right! Eyeballing measurements will lead to disaster, so grab your measuring tape and do it properly. It is also always worth bringing your tape measure along with you when buying furniture or things in your home. That way you can measure up before you go and check anything you buy will fit in the desired space. It's much easier to be organised at the time than getting home and realising it afterwards.


Standard wrenches are great for many tasks, however, adjustable wrenches will give you the flexibility to tackle any and every wrench-related task – from tightening bolts to fixing small plumbing issues. Having an adjustable wrench will also mean you only need one in your toolbox that will be able to be used across many different jobs too. 


Ever tried gripping tiny wires or nails whilst doing a job? If so you will know how tricky it can be! Pliers will make your life easier if you need to grip, twist or cut cables and other items by providing you a handy way to grip things quickly and easily without damaging the item. As The Every Girl explains, “pliers are often used for bending or cutting wire, but they’re great for gripping and bending just about anything.”

Hand saw

Whilst you might feel that you wouldn't use hand saws as often as other tools, they definitely have there place in a tool box and can be very useful indeed. When you need to cut anything for that renovation project you are working on, you will be glad to have a hand saw in your tools! Cutting boards? Use a hand saw. Cutting plywood? Use a hand saw.

What other tools do you keep at home? Or do you have any tools or gadgets you would recommend everyone should own? Let me know in the comments below. 


**This is a collaborative feature.**

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