Friday 22 January 2021

The Benefits of Buying a Bailey Motorhome from Choose Leisure

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Whilst we may not be able to travel or plan any big family adventures right now due to the pandemic, it certainly has not stopped up thinking of all the exciting places we might go and the adventures we might have when we can travel again! 

Like many people who are longing to plan a holiday as soon as we can, we will be taking advantage of some beautiful staycations right here in the UK. With so many amazing places to visit (and probably a lot less restrictions than flying abroad) it is a no brainer really... right? We have been lucky enough to visit some absolutely stunning places in Wales, Cornwall, Isle of Wight, Skegness and Devon but feel like we have only tipped the iceberg when it comes to seeing it all. 

Since we love being able to get away as a family as much as possible, a few years ago we invested in a tent. Not only is it cheaper (and loads of fun) but it really opens so many more possibilities. The only issue we have found with camping though is that when you have small kids, it can be weather dependent. That is why recently we've been looking at different Motorhomes including some amazing ones from Bailey of Bristol whose Motorhomes can be purchased from many places including Choose Leisure

Choose Leisure was founded in 2008 by Paul Santos who was no stranger to selling motorhomes after being a salesman, sales manager, and general manager before opening Choose Leisure. The business started with just 6 motorhomes but soon grew and in 2009 it was the first to offer "Motorhome Brokerage", offering a hassle-free way to sell for a higher return. 

In 2011 Choose Leisure moved into bigger premises and soon filled the huge pitch space available with different motorhomes. Then in 2015 the business took delivery of their first Bailey of Bristol Motorhome, initially specialising in the Advance range but then branching out to both the Autograph and Alliance. In this time since they opened, they have gained awards, expanded and even recorded their own Christmas jingle but their love and passion for selling the best motorhomes has remained the same and that is why they make such a great retailer to consider when it comes to purchasing your own motorhome. 

Choose Leisure offer a wide range of motorhomes from a range of manufacturers including Hillside, Autosleep and Fusion as well as Bailey of Bristol motorhomes too. 

As I mentioned above, owning our own Bailey Motorhome would be a dream for us. Offering the luxury of our own home from home on wheels but with the same sense of "get up and go" adventure as camping it seems like the perfect solution for families. So, I thought I would share some of the reasons why we have been considering one and why we think a Bailey Motorhome makes the perfect addition to family adventures... 

Home from Home 

Bailey Motorhomes offer comfort and convenience as standard and for us that is what makes them so appealing for family adventures. Take the Alliance Silver Edition range for example, Bailey have everything covered to make you feel at home from the moment you step inside. This includes beautiful soft furnishings throughout, a 95-litre refrigerator, microwave, grill, hob and oven and even ambient overlocker lighting. 

There is also a washroom with sink, toilet and 'Granite Stone' finish fully lined shower cubicle and integral lighting so no need to use the communal blocks which can be hit and miss at campsites and not very practical to use with young children either. But even the little things like blinds, automatic drop-down bed (model specific) and USB sockets have been covered in this range. I really love that it feels as though we could just purchase this motorhome, add in our clothes etc and drive away. 

Alu-Tech Construction 

When you consider investing in something like a motorhome one of the big things for everyone is knowing it is going to be safe, sturdy, and built to last for you and your family. Well Bailey of Bristol motorhomes have that covered with their Alu-Tech constructionAlu-Tech is a completely new approach to body shell construction. Using a unique interlocking aluminium framework to clamp the body panels together, Bailey created a shell that was so much more robust and durable than anything else. 

It reduces the number of external joints and fixing points offering great protection from the elements. Thicker, better-insulated panels, cloaked in impact resistant GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), hugely improve the thermal performance of the bodyshell, offering four seasons, all year round adventures. 

Perfect for Pets 

We all love our pets, but they can soon become a costly issue when it comes to holidays. Often it can be difficult to find accommodation that even accepts pets and when they do, they can come with a hefty extra charge for having a pet too. However, when you have your own motorhome you can bring along your dog or family pet without worry. Of course, you will still need to check that any sites you stay on accept pets but many camping or touring sites will have facilities such as dog walks and exercise fields set up for those wanting to bring their dogs.

Bringing a pet along on holiday can also be a great motivator to get out on longer walks and explore more of the area.

Save Money 

We all want to save money where we can (for more adventures right!?) and whilst purchasing a new motorhome can seem large a large initial cost it really does pay for itself over time. With holiday prices increasingly rising year on year, a break away in the summer holidays now can be into thousands of pounds. However, having your own motorhome often means prices are significantly reduced since you are paying for a "pitch" rather than accommodation. It also means you can stay in some cheaper places that offer minimal facilities (since you have everything you need within your motorhome) which you can simply use as a base for lots of exploring. 

Having a motorhome means you can make your holidays as expensive or inexpensive as you want and hopefully means you can enjoy lots more smaller holidays such as long weekends away too since you really can just get up and go! 

Of course, at the time of writing this we are currently in a national lockdown meaning that many retailers, including Choose Leisure are closed due to government rules. However now is a great time to do lots of research if you have been considering a caravan or motorhome and it will enable you to get a really good idea of what you are looking for and find a local retailer. This will then mean that once retailers can reopen you will be ready to make a purchase or at least go and view some of your choices. 

Be sure to keep an eye on Bailey of Bristol’s News and events page to find out when retailers are reopening and all about socially distanced family fun! 

While you wait for retailers to reopen, you can always take a look at all of Bailey’s motorhomes in their Virtual Showroom. This allows you to take a 360ยบ tour of their vehicles from the socially distanced comfort of your own home. And if you don’t fancy a motorhome, you can check out Bailey’s caravans in the same way

Have you ever considered purchasing a motorhome? If so, where would your first destination in it be? 


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  1. I would definitely consider buying a motorhome - in fact it is something that we have discussed in the past! I love the idea of the freedom of it.

  2. I would love to own a motor home one day and I know Bailey of Bristol has some incredible caravans, we checked them out before.

  3. I would love one of these and always day dream about them . It would be lovely to have a getaway holiday like this whenever you have the time to get up and go

  4. We were discussing one of these with friends over Easter on a zoom call, dreaming about when restrictions lift and we can head to new places

  5. I'd love to have a proper motorhome one day to make exploring the UK much easier which in the current times would be so useful x