Monday 8 February 2021

Would You Consider Encouraging Your Kids To Explore a Career in Manufacturing?

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As kids grow up they come up with some pretty wacky, weird and ambitious dream jobs don't they? Mine have wanted to be everything from vets to hairdressers, footballers to swimmers and probably everything in between too! Of course as parents our top priority when it comes to our kids careers is for them to find something they love, but we also want it to be a career that will pay them enough to live comfortable and a job that is sustainable for their futures too. 

But should we encourage our kids to consider certain career paths? 

Whilst I definitely do not think we should ever push our children into any job they don't want, I don't think there is any harm in opening up new avenues for them to explore. Broadening their knowledge of what jobs and career options there are out there. After all, how can they want to do something if they never knew it existed? 

Careers such as those in manufacturing are often overlooked when it comes to kids thinking about their future job roles. However this science based, fast paced and rewarding career path can a great option to explore and one that can offer plenty of opportunities.

However despite manufacturing providing a vital part of our every day lives, roles within this career are becoming less and less popular with children and young adults. Over the years there has become a wider skills shortage for people coming up into the manufacturing industry despite it being a fantastic STEM career option. 

STEM which stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics is at the heart of many manufacturing roles. However when younger people think of manufacturing they often think of large factories and dirty, labour intensive jobs which can seem less than desirable right? However technology has come a long way everywhere in the world and that includes within manufacturing roles. Today manufacturing plants, factories and mills are interesting, inspiring and fun places to work. Offering up a range of challenges, the chance to learn new skills and be part of a fast growing industry that makes a real difference to every day life.

From state of the art, best in class machinery to automation systems the world of manufacturing is changing for the better to create challenging, rewarding careers. One kind of automated technology you will see within manufacturing are the cobots which stands for collaborative robot. Which is an amazing technology that works alongside humans workers to enhance the work rather than replace workers. They are transforming the way things work and definitely for the better. 

So whilst it may not be the first career choice that pops into your head when your child is dreaming of their first job or you are wondering what career path your child might take, manufacturing definitely shouldn't be overlooked. Not only is it a growing, stable career path but it involves some of the core STEM skills that many parents feel are a key part of education and learning for their children. 

So would you ever consider encouraging your child to explore a career within the manufacturing industry? Or perhaps its a career you are in and would love for your children to follow you into as well? 


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