Sunday 16 May 2021

7 Unique Ways to Use Astroturf in your Home and Garden

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Perhaps you have admired a neighbours house, balcony, or a sports stadiums spread of grass and wondered just how they get their lawn/grass looking so fresh and vibrant all year round and achieve the garden of your dreams too? Well the chances are it is some kind of artificial grass. Artificial grass has been gaining momentum and popularity in recent years as more people are moving to artificial turf from real grass and not just for their garden spaces either. People are now realising the many uses of artificial grass and it is becoming a popular part of the interior design too. 

Artificial turf is made of synthetic fibre that imitate grass. It is available in many different colours, textures and even grass lengths from completely natural looking grass to something a little more eye catching. It is also perfect for family homes because it doesn't get muddy and can be used all year round. So whether you are wanting to place a sand bit for the kids or a hammock with stand for relaxing in the sun, you can place it on artificial turf all year long. Recently, homeowners have begun using it at home as it is eco-friendly, flexible, and affordable too. Below are 7 ways in which you could incorporate artificial grass into your home and garden.

Idea 1: Use it on the Staircase

Placing the artificial turf on a staircase is a fun and unique way to make the stairs a focal point rather than them just being in the way. It gives a complete change in ambience between the two floors and offers a totally different textural feel to a space too. If your staircase is wide enough you could even patch it with some small plants or use floral artwork to accentuate the feel of bringing the outside in.

Idea 2: Play Area

Artificial turf is the perfect flooring for a play area as it is resistant to harsh conditions and extreme pressure such as kids running, climbing and sliding around on the ground. Not only is it hard wearing and resistant but is it also soft meaning that if kids were to fall it still provides some degree of softness and protection on little hands and knees! Artificial grass is therefore a great solution and for us parents it has the added bonus of not getting too muddy, even in the rain plus it is much easier to pick up bits and pieces such as toys from.

Idea 3: Balcony

If you don't have your own garden space but you do have a balcony area, artificial grass is perfect for utilising small areas such as a balcony quickly and easily. Adding Astroturf to a balcony is the ideal spot to begin with artificial turf installation and can give you your own little garden space as well a little bit of greenery to enjoy. One of the great things about having artificial turf is that it requires very little to no maintenance and it looks great all year round. If you are fed up of looking out at a blank canvas, boring balcony why not use artificial grass to create your own little relaxing green space that is easy to maintain and super affordable too.

Idea 4: Bathroom

Now the bathroom might not be the first thing that spring to mind for you when I mention artificial grass. But over recent years we have seen more and more people working on bring the outside in because they find it so relaxing. I have seen some beautiful bathrooms filled with luscious green plants such as aloe vera, eucalyptus and a variety of ferns (who love the humidity!), so why not grass right? A bathroom that is mostly all-white or half-white sporting a green splash through artificial turf and indoor plants can really pop. You can sit back, relax and enjoy a soak whilst imagining you are outside enjoying nature.

Idea 5:  Deck and Patio

If you are fortunate enough to have a large deck area in your garden but still want some grass areas you could use artificial turf as a dividing carpet zone. Your seating area can then be separated with an artificial grass carpet creating two different "zones" within the garden area. Doing this will then offer an interesting textural feel to your garden making it unique and enjoyable to spend time in regardless of the weather or time of year. But even if you have a smaller garden you could create a shady patio area that you can enjoy all year round with an artificial lawn. Using artificial grass will not only provide grass that looks great all year round but that can also be used all year round.

Idea 6: Grass Curtain

Maintaining privacy does not mean you always have to go indoors or close the doors tight. There are actually many ways you can give yourself a little more privacy in your garden and one of these is using artificial grass to create a funky curtain in your garden. This is such a simple but effective idea that will not only allow your more privacy but will look funky too. All you would need to do is install a synthetic grass curtain to your balcony, porch or wall areas ensuring it is securely attached and not blocking any access ways.

Idea 7: Between Natural Stones

If you have some items in your garden already such as beautiful plants or large stones/ornaments you could use artificial grass to really make them stand out and pop. Using the artificial grass in between natural stones (or other garden items) can really help make them stand out and provide the perfect backdrop to really accentuate them. Incorporating slate squares and giving the green strips of artificial turf borders offers a rustic look, as well as being zero maintenance.

So there you have it, lots of different uses for artificial grass from the garden to the bathroom and everywhere in between. With artificial grass being affordable, easy to maintain and so versatile it is clear to see why so many people are considering using it. 

Do you have any artificial grass in your home and if so where? If not is it something you would consider and if so where? I would love to pull up my uneven grass and replace it with aritficial grass for sure! 


**This is a collaborative post.**

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