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Sunday, 16 May 2021

7 Unique Ways to Use Astroturf in your Home and Garden

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Perhaps you have admired a neighbours house, balcony, or a sports stadiums spread of grass and wondered just how they get their lawn/grass looking so fresh and vibrant all year round and achieve the garden of your dreams too? Well the chances are it is some kind of artificial grass. Artificial grass has been gaining momentum and popularity in recent years as more people are moving to artificial turf from real grass and not just for their garden spaces either. People are now realising the many uses of artificial grass and it is becoming a popular part of the interior design too. 

Artificial turf is made of synthetic fibre that imitate grass. It is available in many different colours, textures and even grass lengths from completely natural looking grass to something a little more eye catching. It is also perfect for family homes because it doesn't get muddy and can be used all year round. So whether you are wanting to place a sand bit for the kids or a hammock with stand for relaxing in the sun, you can place it on artificial turf all year long. Recently, homeowners have begun using it at home as it is eco-friendly, flexible, and affordable too. Below are 7 ways in which you could incorporate artificial grass into your home and garden.