Thursday 27 May 2021

Birthday Gift Shopping Made Easy With Wicked Uncle

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As James and Evelyn have got older I've definitely found it more and more difficult each year to find them fun, quirky and unique gifts that they will love. Whilst they usually have a good idea of the main gift they want I like to get them a few other bits to open and enjoy, but it can be hard finding things they don't already have! However this year I will be using Wicked Uncle to find gifts that tick all the boxes with their easy to use system that shows you a selection of gift ideas based on age, gender and their likes, it makes buying gifts for friends and family so much easier than ever before. 

Wicked Uncle aims to take the stress and guess work out of gift shopping. It is especially helpful for those who (like me) spend so much time endlessly scrolling online looking for gifts or searching through the same items in shops but never knowing what to get. It is also especially useful for people like grandparents or aunts and uncles who perhaps aren't sure what to buy for a child. 

The help comes from their easy to use search function which allows you to shop in a number of ways based on either gender, age or category of toys (or a combination of the 3). So for example if you were to select boys aged 10, Wicked Uncle will give you lots of recommended toy and gift ideas for boys around this age. 

Of course some children like toys that are designed for older or younger children or if you are like us and feel that toys don't really have a "gender" then you can shop using the category feature. So if you know a child likes sensory toys you could select this option. There are number of categories to chose from including books and games, construction, creativity, educational, role play, outdoorsy and even chocolate! These are just a few of the categories you can choose from as there are actually 19 in total! 

Evelyn's birthday is coming up in a few short weeks and so I had a quick look at what Wicked Uncle would suggest to see how spot on they might be with their gift suggestions. I have to admit they came up with some great ideas and I have purchased a few for the big day in a few weeks time. Whilst I already had a good idea of what Evelyn wanted Wicked Uncle were able to give me some "out of the box" ideas that on seeing them I know she will absolutely love. And that's the great thing about Wicked Uncle, they have such a great range of gifts and lots of things you might not have searched for, thought of or seen on the shop shelves. 

Here are some of the suggestions Wicked Uncle gave me for Evelyn who is going to be 7...

Wicked Uncle really do all the leg work when it comes to gift shopping making the whole experience easy, fun and enjoyable. Plus with their unique range of gifts available, if you are buying for class parties or friends you have a lot less chance of purchasing a gift the child may already have or a duplicate gift. 

I will definitely be using Wicked Uncle to purchase a few gifts for birthday invites my kids receive from school as we often don't know the child well and this way I can just tick their gender and age and choose a gift that will most likely be suitable and fun. It will also come in handy for many birthdays I am sure! 

Have you heard of Wicked Uncle before and would you use them to make gift buying easier? 


**This is a collaborative post.**


  1. We love Wicked Uncle in our house! Their aged lists are so helpful.

  2. This kind of site would be perfect when I'm looking for gifts for friends kids. As I don't have kids myself I generally have no idea what different aged kids play with x

  3. Wicked Uncle truly do have some great gifts for all ages - will definitely consider them when buying stuff for the kids!

  4. Buying presents for kids can sometimes be so difficult so these gift ideas from Wicked Uncle is definitely super wicked! We have purchased a few items from them and love it