Monday 24 May 2021

Top Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Cricket

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Lots of children love sport and will often attend clubs and groups to participate in them, not only can these clubs be lots of fun but they are great for fitness, socialising and finding new hobbies too. If your child thoroughly enjoys a particular type or sport this can be a great starting point for finding gifts for special occasions too.

If your child is an avid cricket fan, then you have their birthday and Christmas presents sorted. You can centre their gift on the popular sport. Nonetheless however, it may not be that simple. You cannot merely go to an online cricket shop and purchase the first thing you set your eyes upon. You need to be careful regarding your gift decision. This article aims to provide you with some key advice and suggestions regarding the sorts of presents that are recommended. Read on to find out more…


Cricket players often need to wear a hat in order to protect themselves from the sunshine. There are lots of different types of hats available for purchase so it is worth considering which style your child may prefer. There is the England cricket media cap, your standard sun hat, the Australian style baggy cricket cap, and so on and so forth.

Bat accessories 

It is never recommended to buy someone an actual bat. This is a purchase that is usually best made by the user. After all, they know what type of bat suits them best in terms of material and height, and thus you don’t want to waste your money on something that may not be suited to your friend’s playing. Nonetheless, there is nothing to stop you from buying accessories for your friend’s bat or even a voucher for a bat that can then be used as payment. This is something they are unlikely to have already purchased themselves and thus it makes a great unique gift idea. So, what type of bat accessories should you purchase? When it comes to buying a gift you want to look for either a bat grip or a bat cover. You can find some great designs in bright colours and stylish patterns. This is much more exciting than purchasing the likes of an anti-scrub sheet or bat edge tape. 


Why not buy your child a lovely leather scorebook? This is a great present suggestion and has a lovely lavish and sophisticated feel to it perfect for slightly older children who may be taking their cricket playing a little more seriously. You could even look for those that allow you to have your own inscription on the front in order to personalise the book.


A cricket fan can never have too many pieces of clothing or kit. There is a great selection for you to choose between as well. You can opt for one of the England shirts, such as the white TEST cricket shirt or the red ODI version. You could always go down the vintage route and pick one of the shirts from many years ago. Or instead of going for a theme, you could simply pick some plush and stylish garments. There are lots of stunning and high-quality cricket sweaters available online at present. 

Gift voucher

Last but not least, if you are struggling to decide what to buy then you can always get your friend a gift voucher for a particular online cricket shop. Nonetheless, you will need to pick the store with care. Make sure it sells a wide range of cricket products and also be certain that it houses a number of high-quality brands as well. Check out the terms and conditions regarding the voucher thoroughly too. You will want to make sure that it is valid for a decent amount of time so that your friend has plenty of time to make their purchase.

Hopefully this post has given you some great ideas for the cricket fans in your life for any upcoming birthdays or Christmas. Do you know any cricket fans? If so which of the above gifts do you think they would love the most?


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