Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Supporting Your Childs Learning Journey with TuitionWorks 1:1 Online Tutoring Sessions

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When we look back over the last year or so life for so many been turned on its head and whilst we have all struggled in some way, our kids have lost out on so much. Interactions with friends, birthday parties, experiences and hobbies and most importantly school and their education. Whilst many schools did their best to keep up with some kind of learning from home, many children have returned to school struggling or with a lack of confidence and with the pressure on their shoulders of "catching up".  

James is currently in year 6 at school and worked really hard over lockdown, completing all the work he was set and trying his very best to stay focused and on top of things. However one thing he has really struggled with is his confidence, especially in maths. Without feedback from his teacher he worries about getting things wrong or working things out without someone to bounce ideas off of. 

Maths has always been a subject James has been worried about even though his teacher says he is doing fine in the subject we want him to feel happy and confident too. So when we were recently offered the chance to try out some online 1:1  maths tutoring sessions with TuitionWorks I thought they might be just the things to help James get back on track and give him the boost he needed. 

TuitionWorks provides online 1:1 maths tuition with qualified specialist tutors. They cover levels ranging from Key Stage 1 to A-level with the service offering tutors that are maths specialists from various backgrounds who are fully qualified to help your child get the most out of maths and their tutoring sessions. 

To ensure you receive the right help and tutor, TuitionWorks offer a free 15-minute online assessment, followed by a 15-minute tutor introduction. The assessment allows the tutors to see the areas your child is confident and not so confident in, meaning sessions can be tailored to what they need. The tutor introduction follows this and is a good chance for you or your child to ask any questions to your assigned tutor, discuss what you might want to learn about and just get to grips with how things will work. This means that when children do sign on for their tutoring sessions they can be confident and happy with how they will work and who they are working with. 

Once your child has completed their assessment and met their tutor through the 15 minute introductory meeting they will begin their sessions. The tutoring sessions are usually one hour long and will take part in an online virtual classroom which is tailored to your child's needs. Children will be able to see their tutor via video and children can choose whether they wish to have their video on or not, however they feel most confident. 

The virtual classrooms are one of the things James really enjoyed about learning with TuitionWorks. They are interactive and he can see what the tutor writes on theirs and the tutor can see what James writes too. This enables kids and tutors to work through problems together, share workings out, drawings, graphs and help show children where they may have gone wrong or to show them an easier way to work things out. 

The virtual classrooms are very child friendly and easy to navigate, in fact James is 11 and was able to navigate around it and use it to communicate with his tutor all by himself with no guidance from me at all. 

So what did we think...

James was apprehensive about doing a tutoring session, he often gets nervous doing new things and I think he thought he would struggle. However he felt so much better about attending the sessions after the 15 minute introduction meeting with his tutor. She put his mind at ease, spoke to him about what he wanted to focus on, what he found difficult and easy etc. His tutor even gave him a PDF of the ks2 maths workbook they would be working through to download. This meant he could take a look before their session a few days later, which made him feel so much more relaxed about the sessions and what they would be doing.

All of the tutoring sessions are accessed via the TuitionWorks dashboard where you can see any upcoming sessions, book new sessions and view reports from previous lessons too. The dashboard is where you access the whiteboard for all lessons and when you click on the whiteboard you will be prompted to turn on your microphone and camera so you can easily communicate with the tutor. 

The first tutoring session went really well and James told me after that he had really enjoyed it and felt like the hour flew by and that he had even picked up so new ways to work things out already! His tutor did a fantastic job at keeping him engaged and continuously checked in with him about how he felt, what he had or hadn't done at school and when she could see he was struggling with a question she explained a solution and worked through it with him so well.

I honestly think the biggest credit I can give TuitionWorks is that when James came off of his first session he asked me when his next one was and said he was looking forward to it! Coming from an 11 year old boy who I often struggle to get to do any homework, that it big praise indeed I think. 

If you like the sound of TuitionWorks and think it could work well for your children too head over and get your free assessment, plus you can 5% off when you book 3 or more sessions between now and the 30th June 2021. Just quote my name "Jess from Tantrums to Smiles" when you book and your discount will be applied. 

Have your children ever tried an online tutor or is it something you would consider? 


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  1. This is such a useful concept - I have never tried an online tutor, but after a year of barely being in school, it's something all parents should consider.

  2. I remember when I was younger I had tuition, different type of online - VHS lol - but I'm glad James was honest enough to know that he struggles with a subject and needs that little extra help. I wish him good luck!

  3. I know a few people who have used online tutoring and found them a great success, it is great especially in what we are going through at the moment to be able to offer stable tuition

  4. This sounds like it would be really useful for kids, I guess especially at the moment as well when a lot haven't been at school.

  5. I am sending the link to this post to my daughter. I know she is thinking of enrolling her son in a summer enrichment class. I think this would be a good option for her to consider.

  6. I don't have kids myself, but I'd consider tutoring if it was something that would help. As you've said the past year has been tough on kids learning x

  7. I think online tuition is great for kids who need that extra bit of help. My daughters school is currently opening up 20 minutes earlier for kids who want to catch up on a bit of missed work due to coronavirus

  8. This sounds really good. Thank you for sharing as online tuition can be so valuable

  9. What a great idea - our school has no extra support plans that we're aware of, which makes this even more appealing!