Friday 9 July 2021

4 Ways to Help Raise an Environmentally Conscious Child

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We have all heard about the difference we can make to keep our world beautiful and to help it and it is so important that we ensure our kids have this knowledge too. Showing our future generations how to be conscious about our planet will give them the tools for years to come and hopefully help our planet too. These changes can be small, any environmental change is going to be good and the more we can teach our children about how and why this is so important the better, they are never too young to learn. 

It’s now become a more prominent issue in our lives that should be taken seriously and will come as a huge benefit for children to learn about. With this guide from a girls 
private school in Surrey, we show you how to educate your child and help them understand how they can help the environment too. 

Tap into nature 

Gardening is a great way to get started. Give them a trowel or even let them play with the soil and help you to plant some new seeds. Make it a small project for them to get involved with by seeing how the flowers or vegetables they’ve planted have grown and ask them to water them and look after them as they grow. You could even give them their own little planter or patch of garden to dig, plant and water as they please. They’ll be really pleased to see the results and you could even grow your own veggies and fruit too. 


Showing them about this will also give them the chance to learn about how plants, trees and nature are helpful in building a green environment from their backyard. Growing vegetables can make your child understand how much of a carbon footprint we have when buying veg from the supermarket alone.


Show them how to recycle 

Recycling products is a key way of allowing products to be reused again and again after use and many of our children will have an idea of how recycling at home works already too. If children are shown how to recycle each product then they’ll be able to help you out when you’re dividing up the rubbish, and it saves you possibly having to fish out any from general waste! 


Show them how to wash plastic tubs, glass and other household waste to be recycled and tell them why it’s important to continually recycle. Allow kids to help you sort the rubbish before bin day and talk to them about the differences used for recycled products, I bet they might be surprised as just how much can be done with empty jars and boxes! 

Take them grocery shopping 

A trip to the supermarket might not be their idea of a fun day out but it will show them very quickly that we use way too much plastic packaging. Encourage your children to pick loose fruit and vegetables instead of pre-packaged food and explain why this is a much environmentally friendly way to buy food. Also, show them where their food comes from. You’ll find that more exotic fruits have travelled a long way and the amount of air miles they use, and will be encouraged to shop more locally.


Read, watch and listen to educational media 

Technology is everyone nowadays but it isn't all bad and we can definitely use it to our advantage sometimes. There are a lot of ways that TV shows, films and music can now help your child understand the issues happening in the environment. In fact, schools will be keen to show these to children so that they can be prepared for the future. There are lots of wildlife programmes, Blue Peter and handy picture books to show children how to look after our planet, especially as it becomes more and more important. 

Is caring for the environment something that you are conscious of trying to do or something you actively try to teach your children (or friends and family)? If so what steps have you taken to do so? I would love to hear your suggestions in the comments below.


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