Friday 9 July 2021

Exploring Gratitude With Your Child

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Being grateful goes beyond just teaching your child manners, it’s also about how to approach others with respect, how to speak to others when they need us and approaching situations with positivity where we can. All of these are important skills to have as we go through life so teaching, modelling and exploring these behaviours with your children from early on is always going to be beneficial. 

A lot of children are given gifts that they may not understand how to appreciate others for, and give them a sense of entitlement. Children can learn about how to be grateful for what they have and how to be respectful of others through a range of ways and here are some tips of doing just that from a day nursery in St. Margerets. 

Ask them what they’re thankful for 

Each day you can ask your child how their day was and what they’re thankful for. These conversations can happen at any time: when you pick up your child from school, around the dinner table or just before they go to sleep are popular times to speak to your child about these things. 


Making time to explore gratitude, even for a small part of the day, will give your child a lot to think about and why they feel grateful for what they have and what they’ve learnt. It’s also good practice for them to learn about how to approach situations and when to say thank you. It is also important for them to see you model and talk about what you are grateful too and helping them realise that sometimes it can be something super small that we are grateful for. Our days are often so busy and full, taking time to talk about the things we are grateful for is a lovely way to grab a few minutes as a family together. 

Show gratitude in your life 

Be a role model and show your child how you’re continually grateful in your own life. Try to avoid complaining or showing too many negative thoughts in front of your child, rather try to see the good side of things and show them that things happen for a reason. Of course we all have bad days and that is ok too, talk about these, explain why you are feeling the way you are and then perhaps follow it up with the things you are grateful for that get you through even when you are sad, stressed or worried. 


Leading by example is a good way of helping your child to be respectful in front of others and to know when to give support at the right moments and become more empathetic towards others. 

Show them how to handle mistakes 

Mistakes happen to all of us, but it’s also a part of what makes us grateful. Show your child a different perspective to a situation and make them see how what happened can be rectified, they could be surprised to see how it could have gone if it was a worse situation.  


Showing them the silver lining to each situation will make them feel more positive and confident in front of others. For example, if a day trip has had to be cancelled because the weather is awful, look to do something fun that can be done in the home and show them how happy it still made you feel that you got to do something together. The little things will often make your child smile and laugh just as much!

What are some of the things you have been grateful for recently? Did you discuss these with any family, friends or your children? 


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