Monday 27 September 2021

Baby Products That Use Environmentally Friendly Porducts

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The amount of choice when it comes to baby products can feel overwhelming at times, and while lots of brands make great products, deciding which ones to buy for your little ones can be challenging. One element of the decision-making process that is becoming more important for many parents is the environmental impact of the products they are buying, not just for their children but also for themselves. Below are some examples of baby products that utilise more environmentally friendly materials that parents may want to investigate going forward. 

Bamboo baby bowls and plates

Ensuring our children are eating properly is obviously vital for any parent, and often a lot of focus goes on the food we're feeding them. However, what they're eating from and with can also have an environmental impact. Many baby bowls and plates are made from plastic, but this isn't the most environmentally friendly material available, despite the perceived benefits that come with it. The process that goes into producing plastic for use in all sorts of areas of everyday life uses various toxins and chemicals that are not good for the environment. Baby bowls which are made from bamboo, offer just as good if not better, durability than plastic versions. Bamboo baby bowls also benefit from being made using a material that is renewable making them a much more environmentally friendly option.

Organic toys and clothes

Clothing has seen a shift towards organic materials in recent years, and people are taking notice and seeking it out. It was reported that in 2019 the global fashion platform Lyst saw a significant rise in the number of searches for items that were sustainable and eco-friendly. For example, searches for 'organic cotton' rose by 52%. 

Baby products and clothes have also seen a move towards using organic materials. Organic cotton is one of the most used organic materials when it comes to baby products and clothes. With more and more companies moving towards organic materials, there isn't the high premium to be paid that there once was. 

Recycled books

We have all put paper in recycling bins at home or work, but often it can be hard to know where this is going and what it's being used for. However, with some baby books, brands are now highlighting the fact that the book is made using recycled paper. This is an important step as it shows where recycled paper is going and gives parents an easy alternative that they can choose, which is more environmentally friendly. When it comes to books, it's what's written on the page rather than the paper it's printed on that matters, so recycled paper won't impact the quality and enjoyment of a book. 

It is also worth mentioning, particularly with how quickly children can become bored with a book, that buying used books is an environmentally friendly choice that more parents should look into. There are lots of different places where parents can buy used books, and the vast majority are in good condition, and your children won't notice the difference or even mind if they did. Furthermore, donating books, toys and even clothes once your children are finished and have outgrown them is an excellent thing to do. Not only can you help charities and other families, but it's a more environmentally friendly way of living by allowing people to reuse products rather than buy new ones.

As parents, we all want to provide the best future life for our children, and part of this includes doing our best to ensure the planet they are going to live on is in the best condition it can be. If we all make small changes to our lives, like choosing more environmentally friendly products and baby products, we can help protect the earth for future generations of our families. 


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