Wednesday 29 September 2021

Why has there been a peaked interest in Scottish homes?

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Over lockdown many people had more time on their hands to consider their living situation. For some it would have stirred up lots of questions and ideas about moving home and where their dream home or location to live in would be. Thousands of people spent months in tiny city apartments with minimal space, whilst others enjoyed their lushest gardens and the time to do some home improvements. One thing that did happen during the pandemic though is that it created a huge rise in interest in rural and coastal properties as people sought out more space, stunning views and a slower, quieter pace of life. People are definitely starting to consider more rural properties and locations more and looking to move away from city life and into the calm of the countryside.

More recently Scotland has become one of the most popular places for home buyers, particularly those from abroad including from Hong Kong. Scotland itself is a breath-taking place filled with quaint villages, tons of character and exceptional views. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the countryside and step back from the hustle of city life without being completely "off-grid". In lockdown, many British workers started working from home to isolate and distance themselves from others and following rules that were in place. Now, despite rules being relaxed and normal life resuming, many businesses are offering a flexible approach so workers can choose between remote and office-based work. People are no longer tied down to the city or a specific location for work purposes. This means people can be more flexible with where they move to, meaning a move to places like Scotland are possible without needing to sacrifice their career in London etc. 

Here are a few reasons why there has been more interest in Scottish properties. 


It’s no secret that Scotland is beautiful, full of history, character and rolling hills that seem to go on forever. So if scenery if your thing, just imagine yourself nestled into the Scottish Highlands and working  from your home office, it would certainly make the view from the office window much nicer right?. Watching the wildlife through your office window and enjoy the fresh Scottish air, sounds idyllic, right? The scenery and environment are a major selling point of Scotland and it is easy to see why when you see the pictures, it really does look like the set of a movie or the backdrop to a mysterious drama. But the beauty still continues after work because once you clock off you get you time. You could hike mountains, visit ancients castles and enjoy a beach holiday all within the Scottish borders. 

Popular areas 

Just like any Country there are more popular areas to live in and Scotland is no different. Properties in North Ayrshire are proving to be popular with buyers who are moving in on these homes and snapping them off the market. North Ayrshire is proving so popular thanks to it having a great mix of busy towns, quieter villages as well as a beautiful coastline and river valleys meaning it has a great combination of all the things people often look for. The Scottish Highlands are another popular area with buyers looking to escape to a home in the wild landscape. Scotland’s coastal areas are also beautiful, particularly for those who enjoy a little adventure and rugged coastlines. If this is more your thing, you could check out the university town of St Andrews or check out Bearden, Broughty Terry or Dunkeld. There are plenty of coastal towns in Scotland with much to offer. 

House prices 

House prices have spiked in some areas of Scotland and fallen in others meaning in pays to shop around when house hunting. Inverness had the largest growth in house prices, with an average increase of 8.1%. On the other hand, Livingston had a huge drop in house prices for 2020. Edinburgh continues to be the most expensive place to stay in Scotland, with an average house price of £274,246 but this is to be expected with it being the countries capital city. Buyers can still access fantastic homes in Scotland for a much lower price than in the south of England though. You can embrace a new way of life and live in a stunning Scottish home at a fraction of the cost than some places. Win, win! 

If you have been considering a move, looking for somewhere more rural or want a mix of countryside a bustling city Scotland could make the ideal location for you. You could make the most out of remote working, and switch up your city lifestyle or just change your career although in a beautiful new place.

Would you consider a move to Scotland this year and find your dream home nestled amongst the mountains and dark lakes? Let me know in the comments below. 


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