Sunday 21 November 2021

Christmas Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens 2021

 **AD - This post contains PR samples**

Christmas has to be one of my favourite times of year and after the stress, worry and separation of the last year, I know I am not alone in looking forward to hopefully a more normal Christmas this year. One that can be spent with friends and family, one where we can enjoy all of those traditions that make Christmas extra special and one where lots of new memories can be made. 

One thing I love doing at Christmas is giving gifts, I love getting to shop for those I love and care for and then seeing their faces when they open them. Now I don't know about you but I have definitely found that as kids get older, they get more and more difficult to buy for. Especially when they hit those "tween" and teen years where everything seems to just be about their friends and their devices. 

But when you really look around there are actually some great products out there that are perfect for those slightly older children (age 12+) and I wanted to share a selection of those below to hopefully inspire you with some ideas. 

Hot Wires - Plug & Play Electronics 

Combining both fun and educational aspects, the Hot Wires set is the ultimate "plug and play" set. It comes with component blocks which are simply snapped together to form circuits. The box contains over 100 action packed experiment ideas to try involving light, sound and movement. This includes building a real flying disk, a lie detector, burglar alarm and even a working FM radio! The set contains everything you need including LED's, battery units and motors, to make all of the above and more with easy to follow colourful instructions. 

The Hot Wires set does require 4 x AA batteries which are not included and is available from Argos, Smyths, Amazon and Toby Toymaster. 

Air Shot - Hovering Ball Shooting Game

Are you ever really too old for a fun shooting game? I don't think so, I know my dad always seems to enjoy the Nerf style guns just as much as the kids every Christmas! So I imagine this super fun, hovering ball target would make a great gift for tweens and teens this Christmas. To use you simply place the Styrofoam foam balls (included) onto the target air base, switch it on and watch as the air makes the balls levitate and float. The height of the balls is even adjustable to making it a little easier or harder for the ultimate target practice and hours of fun. Once you are ready, load up the mini gun with the soft foam bullets included and see who can hit the most target balls first. 

The set comes with 10 balls in total but does require 4 x C batteries which are not included. It is available from Wicked Uncle. 

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Board Game 

Board games are a classic gift that you never really get too old for, young old, teens or parents a board game always seems to bring out the fun competitive spirit of everyone. Who wants to be a millionaire if definitely one of the nations favourite classic game shows and now you can have a go at it yourself from the comfort of your own home. Players race against each other in a bid to be the first to make it to the 1 million winnings but if you get a question wrong you will fall back to your closest safe spot. The game even has virtual lifelines (which you will require a smart phone type device to use) to make the game even more authentic.  

Do you have what it takes to bring home a virtual million? This game is currently available from Smyths. 

Orbeez Soothing Foot Spa

Who doesn't love a paper right? Well what about one that combines a relaxing pamper with the fun of Orbeez? Well that is exactly what the Orbeez soothing spa does just that for a spa experience with a different. Many of us know Orbeez as tiny little balls that expand when added to water, but combined with a foot spa, once expanded these squishy yet smooth balls create a relaxing experience as they roll around your feet. A colourful, fun and relaxing spa experience from home. 

The Orbeez soothing foot spa contains around 2200 Orbeez and is available from Smyths and Argos. 

Popular Science Plasma Ball 2.0

Fun and educational the plasma ball is not only a throw back to the 90's but it makes a great addition to any desk for every tween and teen who wants something fun on their desk space. The plasma ball 2.0 is a great way to explore the nature of electricity whilst being fun too and even teens will love touching the outside of the ball to see tendrils of "lightening" gather around their fingertips. The plasma ball also works with music and speech and when loud enough the light inside the plasma ball with bounce around to the beat of the music or the sounds around it. 

The plasma ball required 4 x 1.5v AAA batteries which are not included and can is available at Bright Minds. 

Milk Chocolate Game Controller 

Would it even be Christmas without some delicious chocolate goodies? This milk chocolate is styled to look just like a game controller (most tweens and teens first love!) and even has coloured buttons and joysticks. It weighs around 100g, is 12cm long and is a delicious thick and creamy milk chocolate. It is presented inside a smart little box with a clear front and is available to purchase from Wicked Uncle. 

Catchphrase Card Game 

Catchphrase is a gameshow that many of us parents will remember watching as teens ourselves, but recently revamped with Stephen Mulhern as presenter, its a show everyone is once again enjoying, kids included. This card game is small but fun and since it is a great travel size too is perfect for playing at home and on the go (great for things like camping trips, school trips or long car journeys too!). Players take it in turn to guess the catchphrase depicted on each card to "win" the money shown on the bottom on the card to see who will be crowned the Catchphrase champion. 

It is available from John Lewis, Robert Dyas and Waterstones. 

Great Gizmo Crystal Growing Experimental Kit

Crystals have become hugely popular in recent years, even with kids and teens who are interested in learning about their healing properties and of course they look super pretty too. For those with an interest in natural crystals, this kit would make a great gift to allow them to grow their very own crystals to keep. The science kit contains everything you need to create small, medium and large crystals in a variety of colours. It also comes complete with display cases so once the crystals have been grown, they can be proudly displayed too. 

The set contains everything you need as well as coming with clear, easy to follow instructions. The kit is recommended for children age 10+ and is available from Bright Minds. 

Nitro Circus Ryan Williams Signature Replica Pro Scooter

Like many tweens and teens who reach that age where they want more independence and to be out enjoying time with their friends, a scooter can make a fantastic gift for them to get around on. The Nitro Circus Ryan Williams replica stung scooter comes in a eye catching gold and black colourway and is perfect for those just starting to enjoying scootering or those a little more skilled who want to get into stunt scootering and trying tricks etc. The scooter is based on the Ryan Williams signature scooter and the bright colours, sleek design and smaller bars and deck make it perfect for everyone. 

The Nitro Circus brand was founded my friends with a passion for pushing the limits whilst having fun in the process and this scooter definitely ticks all of those boxes and for a great price too. You can purchase this scooter from Skates. 

Cool Maker Shimmer Me Body Art Set

If there is one thing tweens and teens love to do is express themselves and their personality. That might be through hobbies, fashion or even make up. But this Body Art set from Cool Maker allows kids to express themselves through super fun glitter body art and temporary tattoos too. This all in one temporary tattoo set has everything you need to create and customise your on body art using metallic foils, glitter, gems and over 18- double sided sticker designs. The temporary tattoo's are super simple to apply so kids will be able to do them independently and  they last around 24 hours once applied. 

The set is perfect for individual use as well as for fun sleepovers or even parties too. It is available at Smyths, Argos, Amazon and Boots. 

Stabilo Art and Drawing Supplies

When I was a teen, finding art supplies in my stocking at Christmas was always a highlight. I loved to draw, doodle and get creative and there is something about new art supplies that seem to inspire creativity! If you are looking for art supplies for a budding artist, doodler or even just for a loved one as additional school supplies this Christmas, Stabilo have a great range for all abilities and ages. From chunky crayons for toddlers, to a little more sophisticated sets such as these with a rainbow of colour in all the shades you can think of. So whether its pens, pencils, paints or stationary you are looking for, Stabilo will have something for you. 

Buy a Gift - Christmas Experience Box 

As I mentioned above, we all know how notoriously hard tweens and teens can be to buy for, especially when they never know what they want too. So if none of the items in this list take your fancy or perhaps you want to get them an "experience" over something physical, the Buy a Gift Christmas Experience box is most definitely the answer. Beautifully presented in the box below, inside you will find a voucher in which the recipient can book an experience of their choosing. There are around 2760 experiences to choose from including thrill seeking adventures, those perfect for animal lovers and even foodie experiences too. 

Once the recipient has chosen their experience booking is super easy with just a code to enter on the website and then some simple instructions to follow. There are experiences across the whole country to chose from too. 

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls Book 

Books are one of those gifts that keep on giving and giving the gift of a book a child can't put down, inspires them or that teaches them an important lesson is one of the best gifts you can give. I definitely think Goodnight stories for rebel girls - 100 real life tales of black girl magic is one of those books. From the New York Times bestselling book series this book is dedicated to amplifying and applauding the achievements of black women and girls from around the world - ranging from the known to the little-known - as well as being curated and illustrated by black women and non-binary artists from cover to cover, this book is one everyone should have the chance to read. 

This book is available in both hardback and kindle edition, you can find this book to purchase on Amazon. 

Geomag - Mechanics Gravity Loops & Turns 

You may have heard of Geomag before, but gravity is a innovative evolution of the Geomag mechanical line and perfect for those looking to get a little more technical or for slightly older children. It is developed with expert players in mind and the new construction system is based on the innovative "gravity motor" which used the weight of the Geomag spheres to start the mechanisms and trigger the movements of the Geomag structures. The clever thing about the Geomag sets is that despite that using motion, they do not use any electricity or batteries to work, pretty clever right? This set contains 130 pieces for endless possibilities and is made using recycled plastic too. 

Rubik's Fusion Perpluxus 

Anything that keeps kids minds working, their hands busy and sometimes their eyes away from a screen for a few minutes has to make a great gift right? Rubik's may be a long time household name but these all new Rubik's Perplexus Fusion puzzle games are not only loads of fun but a great way to get your brain working and to test out your puzzle solving skills too. The Rubik's Perplexus is perfect for on the go too thanks to its portable size and no need for any plug ins or electricity. To beat this cube kids will need to complete over 200 complex challenges to finish the task. This is definitely box to keep them busy during that Boxing day wind down and one I am sure the whole family will want to have a go at, but who can beat it first?

I Am Horse - 300 Piece Puzzle 

Puzzles are a classic and one that everyone, young and old can enjoy, especially when they are of a subject or thing that you love. This 300 piece horse puzzle is a fun gift idea for any horsey fans and gone are the boring square and rectangle puzzles, this one is shaped like a horses head! It is perfect for doing time and time again or as a one time piece that could then be glued and displayed on a bedroom wall. 

Inside the box you will find the pieces for your puzzle, a reference guide and some fun facts too. It is available to purchase from Bright Minds. 

The Upside Down Challenge Game from Ravensburger

A game that will have the whole family in fits of laughter (yes even though tricky to please teens) is The Upside Down Challenge game from Ravensburger. The game challenges the way you think about drawing even the simplest of pictures or even shapes using some clever glasses. The game is simple, pop on the glasses and draw a chosen picture, however the glasses turn everything upside down making drawing super tricky. 

The set comes with the glasses as well as cards with plenty of pictures on to try with. It is aimed at age 7+ but with a little supervision it is a game the whole family can have fun with. We loved that it required little to no setting up or batteries etc and its a game that can be pulled out and enjoyed whenever, a great one for families or teens and tweens to play with their friends. 

Light up Neon Effect Message Frame 

Kids are all about social media now, including pictures, videos and messages to their friends and this light up neon message board is the perfect addition to any Instagram worthy pictures for tweens and teens this year. The LED light up message board measures 23cm square and is made from plastic, featuring a central glass panel which you write your messages on. The set comes with 3 special ink pens designed for the board and when you switch on the light the message illuminates in neon colours that really pop and stand out. The board can be used time and time again as you simply use a dry cloth to wipe the board and start again. 

The light up neon board requires 3 x AAA batteries which are not included and it is available from Wicked Uncle. 

Hopefully this post has given you some gift inspiration ready for the festive season. Are there any gifts above you think any of your friends, family and loved ones would love to receive this Christmas (or perhaps some that take your fancy instead!), let me know in the comments below. 



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