Wednesday 15 December 2021

Fun and Games for the Whole Family at Very this Christmas!

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Can you believe it is almost Christmas? Are you feeling prepared (I definitely am not!). One thing I am looking forward to this year though is being able to spend it with family and friends (hopefully!). Christmas is traditionally a time that brings together family and friends to enjoy the festivities and more importantly enjoy quality time together. Now I don't know about you, but there is nothing quite like a board game or round of karaoke to bring everyone together (and maybe bring out a little competitive side!) in everyone. 

This year Very have you covered with a wide range of products for all round family fun this Christmas. From board games and puzzles to gameshow games and even karaoke machines, if you are looking for something to keep everyone happy this year then keep reading for our suggestions below for family fun from Very

The RockJam Rechargeable Party Karaoke Machine

The RockJam karaoke machine may look small but it really packs a whole lot of sound and is perfect for busting out the Christmas tunes with family. It comes with two microphones and a 10 watt speakers as well as being able to turn into a Bluetooth speaker when not being used as a karaoke machine

You can connect any mobile phone, tablet or smart tv to this machine via Bluetooth, USB or Aux-in making it super simple to set up and allow you to stream music and lyrics from any popular music streaming service. The rechargeable battery makes this machine portable and it can play up to 4 hours of music on one battery charge, perfect for singing the whole night away! Plus what is a karaoke night without a few disco lights to go with it? This karaoke machine has built in LED lights that move in time to the music for a built in light show whilst you sing. 

Ideal Tetris Dual

The classic game of Tetris has had a makeover and has been transformed into a head to head dual game but it hasn't lost any of its classic charm on the way. Go head to head with an opponent to race against a timer to see who can create the most rows and therefore score the most points! The electronic display tells you which piece to play next and will even keep track of points for you. 

There are two game modes available - 

  • Game 1. SPEED - only 60 seconds to complete each turn. Lose points if the time runs outs.
  • Game 2. COUNTDOWN - with a running countdown score bonus points if you complete the game with the most time remaining.…who will be the first to play all their Tetriminos and score the most points?
This is a great game for bringing out a bit of competitive spirit in everyone and with it being so simple even younger kids can join in (recommended age is 6+). 

Spinmaster Games - Headbanz Blastoff 

Who remembers playing "Who am I" at parties and get together? You know the one where you all stick post it notes on your head with different characters and have to guess your own character? Well Spinmaster have take the idea of this and turned it into a super fun game for the whole family that will have everyone in fits of laughter. 

Headbanz blastoff is meant for 4 or more players and is played in two teams with one person taking it in turns each round to be the guesser. The rest of the team pick a picture and place it into a headband for the guesser to wear and then the guesser starts asking the rest of the team questions to guess who they are. But be quick as the guesser is against the timer. That's because if you are too slow, the card will blast off the headset! This fast paced fun game is fun for the whole family. 

Ideal - The Cube 

Over recent years some of the great popular game shows such as who wants to be a millionaire, deal or no deal and even pointless have been made into board game style versions so everyone can play at home. But the latest offering from Ideal is one of my favourites, its The Cube! Designed for between 2 and 8 players it is perfect for couples or families can you beat The Cube? 

In this game you will take on The Cube to complete 7 rounds of both physical and electronic games but can you complete them all before you lost your 9 lives? The game comes with 50 different games so a great range to try and also has the classic simplify or swap tokens so you really do feel like you are in the game. 

Crossed Signals Electronic Game 

Do you fancy testing your reflexes and response times? Well the whole family can with the fun, fast paced game of Crossed Signals. Crossed Signals consists of two "controllers" that are connected by a wire and need to be held at the same time (one in each hand) by the person playing. Each players picks between four different games which require quick responses to light and sound instructions. Is there an arrow? Move the stick in that direction. See an "X"? Move in the opposite direction. Are both arrows lit? Shake the light wand!  

This game tests both speed and accuracy and can be played solo or in a group (but only one person can play at a time), try to get the highest score and person with the highest score is the winner. 

The games above are just a small selection of those on offer over at Very. From toys and games to music, games and family fun they have everything you need to keep the whole family having fun this Christmas so why not head over and check them out. 

Do you have a favourite family board game that you bring out every Christmas? Or do any of the above games sound like something you or your family would love to play? Let me know in the comments below. 


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