Thursday 16 December 2021

Helping Your Child Transition into Senior School

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Making the leap from primary to secondary is likely to stir up a lot of emotions for your child. The excitement of starting a new school will be joined by nerves and a little apprehension. After all the move into senior school is a big move for any child and it can be daunting heading into a new school, especially one where they will once again be the youngest children there. Not only that but starting senior school will mean a whole new way of learning and responsibility. 

Be prepared for an adjustment period as your child finds their feet in this new environment, and use these tips from an independent school in London to help them settle in as easily as possible.

Visiting the School

Take every opportunity to visit the school before your child’s first day. First and foremost, this will help them feel more comfortable on a practical level as they will get to grips with the layout of the building. Knowing the basics like where the entrance is and where the restrooms are can take away a bit of your child's unease. Open days give children a chance to meet some of the faculty and give them a taste of what to expect in their classes. They will also get to meet some of their soon-to-be-peers and teachers, meaning that there will be some familiar faces on their first day.

Maintaining and Building Friendships

The thought of having to make new friendships can be daunting for children. Talk to other parents at your child’s primary school and find out if any children will be attending the same secondary school as your child, it can be reassuring to know that there will be children they recognise there on their first day. Once your child has started their new school, encourage them to join in with some extra-curricular activities, as this can be a great way for them to form new connections.

Open Communication 

Make sure your child knows that you are there to talk to throughout the whole transition. Ask them how they feel before they start and address any specific issues they have. Once they’ve started, check in regularly to try and get a sense of how they’re settling in. The more you know about their state of mind, the more support you’ll be able to offer them, making the transition a whole lot smoother. 

The move to senior school is a big one and whilst it may feel daunting for kids, they will soon be settled in and hopefully happy. The most important thing is giving them time and the ability to talk things out with you and before you know it things will all settle into place. If things don't seem to be falling into place though please do speak to your child about how you can help, perhaps by talking to their tutor or another avenue via the school to help them. 

Do you have any tips to help kids settle into senior school a little easier? If so please do share them in the comments below to help others. 


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