Thursday 10 February 2022

Finding Materniry Clothes Without Breaking the Bank

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The excitement of finding out you are pregnant is such an amazing feeling and as your pregnancy progresses you start to realise that it isn't just things for the baby you might need to buy. But before you start picking out baby names and buying all the cute outfits, there is the pregnancy itself to get through.  When you're pregnant, maternity clothes are a must, especially in the latter stages where your blossoming bump may struggle to fit into regular clothing or it may be very uncomfortable to try. Maternity clothes allow you to feel comfortable and still look stylish while your body changes. However, maternity clothes can be expensive, especially if you need new pieces throughout your pregnancy or you are pregnant through different seasons such as summer and winter! 

Luckily, there are ways to find various maternity items at a discount. So whether its a beautiful yellow maternity dress that is perfect for warm summer weather or some super comfy leggings or pyjamas, keep reading below to find out how you can find great maternity wear without breaking the bank.

Buy Second Hand

Buying second hand is a great idea all round whether its regular clothing or maternity wear. But it can be even more useful and money saying when it comes to maternity wear as you will likely only wear it for such a short amount of time. 

The great thing about buying maternity clothing second hand is that it is likely the person who donated it only wore it for a short amount of time too. You can choose from gently used clothing that is still in good condition for nearly half the price of brand new items and know you are saving clothing from the bin at the same time. 

You could start by looking at local charity shops, consignment stores and thrift shops to find deals. Many of these shops have sales that allow you to get even deeper discounts on their already discounted prices. Some stores also pay cash for gently used maternity clothes, so be sure to ask about selling your items for extra cash once you are done with your maternity clothing too. 

Shop Online

Over the last few years online shopping has become more and more popular as an easy way to find great products at a great price too. Online shopping can help you save money on all types of maternity clothes, including casual tops and bottoms, dresses, and professional clothing without even having to leave your home!

There are many websites, and e-commerce apps that offer discounted clothing specifically made for pregnant women. Plus shopping online allows you to easily search for coupons, discount codes and to shop around for the best deal. In addition to these specialized sites, don't forget about larger online retailers such as Amazon or eBay that often offer deep discounts on every type of clothing. 

Furthermore shopping online allows you to use cashback apps simply by clicking through to the website via a cashback app or website. This way you can earn a percentage of the total cost back, saving even more money and definitely a perk to shopping online. 

Visit Garage Sales, Car Boot Sales and Flea Markets

Local garage sales, car boot sales and flea markets are great places to find a good deal on maternity clothes. Some of these may be more seasonal (such as car boot sales which tend to only really happen during summer months). However all provide a great way to find maternity clothing as a fraction of the cost of new. 

While you might have to do some digging, there's usually something available at these events that can fill a gap in your wardrobe — if not an entire wardrobe itself. Whilst this option does require some walking and rummaging you will usually find some gems and you never know what else you might find whilst you are looking through too and an added bonus is that sellers are often open to you haggling, especially when buying more than one item so don't be afraid to make an offer when buying. 

Shop for Basics

When you have a baby people often will tell you not to buy to much for when they are first born as they grow so fast. The general advice seems to be to buy the basics (vests, sleepsuits etc) and then once baby is born and you know the babies size etc then purchase more from there. Well the same can be said for maternity clothing too. You don't need an entire wardrobe packed full of maternity wear. The fact is your body will be changing weekly and what fit one week, may not fit another. Plus there is only a limited amount of time you will be wearing these times so once you have given birth, what will you do with a whole wardrobe of maternity wear? A few basics can go a very long way during pregnancy.

My advice would be to invest in a few key pieces, perhaps a few dresses that are stretchy and can grow with you. Dresses are a great option because they can be worn alone during warmer months and with tights or leggings in colder months. Leggings are another great maternity wear staple because again they can be dressed up or down. Not only this but if you do end up having a C-section, maternity leggings will be your best friend for the few months after for pure comfort! 

As you can see, becoming a pregnant plus-size woman doesn't have to mean an end to looking stylish and fashionable.

Just be sure to consider your options carefully so that you can find the best maternity clothes for your needs, your tastes, and your body without breaking the bank. And also remember that once you are done with your maternity clothes, you can always donate these to another pregnant mum or sell them on to help others keep costs down too. 


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