Monday 21 February 2022

3 Fantastic Must-Visit Mykonos Beaches On The West Coast

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Everybody knows Mykonos for its absolutely crazy and night-long parties; the sublime nightlife; the cosmopolitan vibe; the incredible levels of luxury; the beautiful Cycladic architecture; the utmost pampering of visitors. And, without a doubt, a significant part of her unbeatable allure is the sugary shores along the gorgeous coastline with the crystalline waters and fine sand shores. 

Whether you are looking for the perfect party beach, a nudism-friendly option, the ideal family beach, or a more secluded and quiet cove away from the crowds, your wish will be granted here in ways not even imaginable. In your quest, the western part of the island hides the most quintessential Mykonos beaches. Here is a taste of the three best ones to visit.

1. Megali Ammos Beach 

If you live in Mykonos Town, this is the nearest beach you could consider. Located just a kilometre away, Megali Ammos is also called Mykonos Town Beach for being in such close proximity to the island’s capital. The fact that it’s around a 10-minute walk from Mykonos Town even allows you to make your visit to the shore part of a sightseeing experience as you will be passing the imposing Windmills to get there. 

Megali Ammos lies in the direction of the idyllic Ornos Bay and welcomes tourists with shallow, crystal clear waters, a sandy coast, and some beach facilities, like a mini market and a traditional taverna with delicious seafood. Nevertheless, it is one of the most crowded shores in Mykonos. Plus, you’ll need to bring your own beach essentials (i.e., umbrella). 

2. Agios Stefanos Beach

An extremely well-organised beach some three kilometres from Mykonos Town, Agios Stefanos is a sandy and absolutely windless shore close to the new Mykonos port. Once here, you can choose the kind of beach venture you want to live and either head to the organised part (you’ll find umbrellas, sunbeds, restaurants, cafes, and other facilities) or prefer the part where you can simply lie your towel in the sand and enjoy the sun. As for the sea itself, it is transparent, with shallow, sandy waters, which makes it perfect for families with children. What will also steal your heart is the amazing views of neighbouring Delos and Rhenia islands that will complement your seaside adventures! 

3. Ornos Beach

This is the most well organised and most touristic shore in Mykonos, which, at the same time, offers a breath taking mix of cosmopolitan and tranquillity! Within three kilometres from the island’s capital, the stylish and upmarket Ornos Beach provides a sensational beach experience that includes from water sports and swimming to diving and chilling. Lined with waterfront restaurants and cafes, it also greets visitors with parasols, sunbeds, a large and sugary shore, shallow, azure waters with a sandy bottom, and many tourist facilities, including supermarkets and bakeries. 

For more peaceful moments, you can choose to wander the cobblestone streets of the picturesque Ornos village nearby and get lost in cobbled alleys with bougainvillaea-filled balconies, chalky-white chapels with red or blue domes, milky white, cubic-shaped houses, and superb views of the scenic Ornos Bay and the Aegean Sea. 

No wonder some of the best and most Mykonos luxurious hotels with world-class services and amenities, like Kivotos Mykonos, are built right here! And, if you are into exploring the southern beaches the island is so famous for, Ornos is a starting point for superb boat rides as well.


It looks like this summer is going to be amazingly inviting at Mykonos. But, then again, falling head over heels with the Queen of the Cyclades is an integral part of the entire Mykonos experience, so come prepared!


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  1. Mykonos is so pretty - these beaches sound lush!