Monday 21 February 2022

Why Tuscany’s Countryside is Beyond Heart-Stopping & a Must-Visit (at least once in a lifetime!)

Tuscany’s countryside could as well be a Walt Disney cartoon background or the setting of a romance movie. With such a profound richness of splendors, natural treasures, and cultural gems waiting to be explored in its absolutely gorgeous terrain, Tuscany offers myriads of chances for unforgettable and soul-gratifying experiences.

With centuries-old culture drenched in idyllic views and fantastic landscapes, the magnificent Italian region will instil a sense of grace, bliss, and gratitude for the simplest and finest things in life that are often overlooked in our hurried lifestyle. Here are just some of the things and details that can instantly put yourself under Tuscany’s magnetic pull for life!

1. A nature’s masterpiece all around 

Everywhere you look in Tuscany’s rural setting, it feels as if drawn by the hand of the most talented artist. Starting with the Chianti region, it bewilders with its beautiful hamlets, vineyards, rolling hills, and forests. Not to mention that it’s the land that produces some of the finest Italian wines with global awards and prestige. Expect an inviting step back in time as you go past solitary abbeys, castles, and villa-farms carrying their own exciting history!

Moving on to Crete Senesi, one of the most fascinating Tuscan areas that greets visitors with shapes carved by a sea of clay which seems to be restless. While here, feel free to pamper your palate with the delicious San Giovanni D’ Asso truffles and/or have a rejuvenating dive to the Rapolano thermal baths!

As for the heart of the spectacular Sienna area, its treasure chest holds amazing natural beauty and the allure of the Montalcino and Pienza historical centres. Here, you can enjoy an invigorating walk through the Vallombrosa woods that are adorned with ancient-old abbeys and a river that contributes to the thriving of the land. 

Finally, the fantastic Mugello is tucked in the outskirts of Florence and invites you to its fab Renaissance artistic heritage. We should warn you, though. There are high chances that you’ll be awe-stricken as you stroll this particular part of the Tuscany countryside. The cyclists’ trails, the small, scenic churches, the Apuan Alps views, and the wonderful Medici villas may make you feel like walking on a parallel universe with captivating, almost out-of-this-world attractiveness. 

2. How to best explore the Tuscany countryside 

Of course, you could drive through the beguiling farmlands and Tuscany surroundings. Another way is to opt for a horseback riding tour, which will give your outdoor ventures an unbelievable sense of freedom and relaxation. Or you could consider a hot air balloon flight over these incredible landscapes and have a unique point of view of the Tuscany UNESCO heritage hills, the ancient Mt Amiata volcano, the staggering coast, the mediaeval cities, and more, while enjoying stunning 360o views in total safety (perfect for a honeymoon or big proposal!).

3. Where to stay in Tuscany for the best countryside experiences

It depends on your must-haves when planning a Tuscany visit. If, for example, you want to combine discovering the charms of the countryside with a cultural trip to the Renaissance cradles in Tuscany, you could pick a luxury villa in the surrounding areas near cities like Florence, Sienna, or Pisa. 

If you want more enhanced levels of privacy and peacefulness, then an elegant cottage amidst a lush forest, atop a hill, or in the heart of a valley is ideal. Of course, you may even consider agroturismo options, where you can rent an apartment, room, or even an entire farmhouse (private and fully renovated featuring ultimate luxury and a wide range of amenities) within a fully operational farm. That way, you can immerse yourself in the more authentic side of Tuscany (a great option for families with kids, which can even help with the caring of the farm animals!). 

Needless to say, all these adventures can be complemented with delicious meals, food (and wine) tours, extreme sports ventures, and hiking well-marked trails leading to the Alps, to name a few. In any case, a Tuscany countryside escapade will allow you to rediscover yourself and even feel emotions you never thought existed!


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  1. I've never been to Tuscany's countryside. It looks so picturesque, it's definitely one I'd like to visit.