Friday 25 February 2022

Fuel Cards - Who needs one and Which is the Best One to Use?

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If you are not using a fuel card yet, but you have a business that owns a few vehicles or even an entire fleet, you are missing out on crucial benefits that could be a life-saver for your business. A fuel card is a payment option that primarily pays for fuel for business vehicles and other trucking-related expenses such as maintenance and repair. But what are the top fuel cards UK businesses should use? In this article, we review the very best fleet cards that are not only convenient but deliver real benefits to your organization. 

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1.  CSC UK Fuel Card

This is a great choice not only for businesses that have vans but also for HGV. Boasting a network of over 3,000 sites that include 24-hour and HGV locations, this card makes it incredibly convenient for your drivers to fuel up across the UK, Ireland, and Europe. The list of networks also includes several supermarket stations, and they are conveniently located along main highways. 

Quick highlights


    • It gives you weekly fixed pricing so you can have better control of your fuel spending
    • You get cards free of charge
    • If you sign up for a fuel card from fuelcards.com, you will be joining one of the leading providers of fuel cards in the UK that’s trusted by customers all over.
    • Enables you to access your account online and know who’s filling what
    • Comes with a dedicated account manager.

2.  Shell fuel card

The Royal Dutch Shell is one of the leading oil companies in the world and it has a variety of fuel management services for UK businesses. It boasts one of the largest petrol and diesel networks in the country and gives customers a choice between single and multi-network fuel cards.

    • Single-network fuel cards- you can use these cards to pay for fuel when you fill up at Shell stations.
    • Multi-network fuel cards-with these cards, you can fill up not only at Shell stations but also from the company’s networks. 

The company even has options for using Shell fuel cards not only in the UK but also abroad. It has put in place several security measures, one of which is the requirement that each fuel card has a unique PIN. There is also the option to emboss important details like the driver name or vehicle registration number on each card. Customers can also access card blocking 24/7. 

If you are looking for a card that is the easiest to use, no company does it better than Shell. It has differentiated its available fuel cards based on those that only want to visit Shell stations or those looking to fill up at partner stations. 


3.  BP fuel cards

You can hardly go anywhere in the UK and not spot a BP garage. By signing up for a BP fuel card, you are guaranteed that your drivers will find a site to fill their vehicles up easily. The oil giant has four main cards, each of which has been created to meet different requirements and businesses.

- BP Plus- This card suits various types and amounts of vehicles.

BP Plus Bunker- It’s the card you want to choose if your fleet consists of larger vehicles such as HGVs, trucks, and buses. 

- BP Supercharge- Great for use if your vehicles ply routes that have fewer BP sites.

BP +Aral- it’s great for drivers that go outside the UK borders. 

What makes BP stand out is that the company is not only popular across the UK, but also is a viable option for international fleets. But its main flaw is its inability to offer a specialist option that fits small businesses specifically. 


4.  Arval fuel cards

Arval was launched back in 1989 and provides comprehensive fuel payment options for a range of vehicles. It also offers other services like insurance and vehicle rental among others. 

Arval cards are probably best designed for smaller businesses that want to enjoy other features as well. From fuel cards to vehicle tracking, Arval offers expert service that guarantees your fleet operates as smoothly as possible. 

Arval’s best selling point is the wide range of services that it offers and not just a fuel card. That is because the company offers a wide range of fleet management services and vehicle products, which includes vehicle leasing and rental. But the main drawback of this card is that only Arval fuel card customers can use the card. 


5.  Allstar fuel cards

Allstar has a wide range of card options for businesses to manage their fuel consumption better. It works not only for small but also large fleets. The fuel cards in the UK from Allstar offer discounts on fuel purchases that can translate to significant savings on your fuel expenditures. 

Allstar offers four fuel card options:

Allstar One fuel card- best for you if your fleet has petrol and diesel vehicles.

Allstar Supermarket fuel card- it’s designed to be used at only supermarket petrol pumps

Allstar Monitor card – it is only ideal for public sector organizations. 

Allstar Plus VISA card- this enables you to manage business and fuel expenses using only one card.

Allstar stands out as the most ideal card for public sector organizations. This is because the company has a card specifically dedicated to public sector organizations called the Allstar Monitor card. But like the other cards above, it lacks the international fuel cards option. 

The list generally has the best-in-class fuel cards UK businesses will find incredibly good for their companies. These oil firms are well known and have a presence almost anywhere in the country. Most of them also have multiple fuel card types to meet the specific needs of businesses and organizations. 

Before choosing a fuel card, make sure you do your due diligence and consider the number of outlets a card program has. You also want to take into account the number of services it offers, apart from fuel cards. Most importantly, work out the cost savings you will get when you choose that particular card. 


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