Tuesday 1 February 2022

Plus Size Rave Outfits and Styling Tips for Women

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As a plus size woman myself, I have been so pleased to see moved being made to make a bigger, more inclusive range of clothing for all body types, including plus size! Gone are the days of tiny sections at the backs of shops or having to order the biggest size and hope. The plus-size clothing section has become an international trend and some of the fashion statements coming from it are amazing. 

But there are numerous reasons why people buy plus size. Some use oversized clothes because it is their actual size, others use them because they want to feel comfortable/flexible, some use them because they are conservative, and others simply out of pure style. Whatever your reason is, own it. We've got you, here are some plus-size rave clothes ideas and tips on how to style them at your service:

1) T-Shirt Dress

T-shirt dresses are often mistaken as pj's, but nevertheless, they remain one of the timeless fashion trends of our time. They are comfortable, easy to wear and can be styled up or down for almost any occasion. 

T-shirt dresses are oversized shirts that go past the upper thigh and end above the knee. These are often used with booty shorts or high-waisted shorts that do not surpass the t-shirt length itself. The idea is for it to look like it is a dress - hence, nothing under it whilst still reserving a little modesty for any gusts of winds or breaking out your favourite dance moves.

You can style them with high-knee socks, platform boots or sneakers, and a cute head accessory (such as a headband). The t-shirt dress is quite simple, so the idea is for you to play with all the other body pieces and accessories to make your personality shine, the possibilities are endless. 

2) Button-up blouse

The button-up blouse is one of the handiest oversized pieces out there. You can use this alone or as a styling piece over a bodysuit, bikini, crop tops, etc. Button-up blouses come in so many different designs, patterns, and colours, and you can find them in both men's and women's sections! They are a look that easily be taken from restaurant to dance floor too so perfect for those looking for one outfit for all. 

You can style these with high-waisted denim jeans or shorts, as well as palazzo pants of any vibrant colour. And as for the shoes - you could opt for platform boots or open sandals (depending on the venue, of course!). The great thing about shirts and blouses is that they are versatile so can be worn with almost anything from trousers and jeans to skirts, flats to heels. 

3) Mesh Shirts

If you are looking to create a more sensual look whilst still keeping it comfy, then we suggest the mesh shirts!

Mesh shirts are see-thru shirts that serve as a layer of fabric on top of your revealing body. You can wear these on top of a bikini, two-piece outfit, or a tight bodysuit with high-knee see-thru socks and any closed shoe! They give the illusion of a peek a boo but allowing you to reveal as much or as little skin as possible. Mesh shirts are a great way to add a splash of colour or sparkle to an outfit too since they come in so many different materials and colours (some even neon, perfect for a rave or festival!). 

4) Fun Bottoms

The most important thing to remember when choosing your outfit to wear out is your own comfort. You do not always have to go for booty shorts and skirts - you can opt for joggers, rise-high cropped pants, mom jeans, etc if you feel more comfortable in these. What's more you can combine them with any of the tops we've mentioned above!

Women, comfort is key but make sure to shine with it! Plus size clothing can drown you if you don’t style it right. 


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