Sunday 6 February 2022

Why Are Villa Rentals Perfect for a Luxury Vacation

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Whether you're craving a relaxing break in the sun or the peaks of the mountains are calling your name, with travel slowly opening back up many of us have started thinking about where our next trip might be. For many, traveling has always been an integral part of human existence, the travel industry in the past decades has revolutionized tremendously allow us to explore more and more places easily, and more cost friendly too. 

But the places people are booking and the way people are looking to travel is changing and that includes things like accommodation. Booking traditional hotels and packages is old news for many modern travellers searching for something a little more personal and with more of their own space. People today want to experience every inch of splendour and comfort when they hop on a vacation plan. Thus, renting a villa is becoming a popular choice for a luxury vacation for so many.

Villa rentals offer the ultimate in choice with exotic locations, personalized chefs, and lots of private space for travellers to enjoy to name just a few of the perks. While there are plenty of options to choose from, St John villa rentals are one such alternative that provides spectacular villas with customizable options for you to de-stress in.

Value for money

There’s a misconception among people that villa rentals are more expensive than hotels but just like most things when it comes to travel it can all be about finding the best deal. You would be astounded upon comparing the per person cost for a day in a villa versus that of a hotel can sometimes be lower in cost and give you more freedom and choice too.

A villa provides you a luxurious experience that includes amenities like a personal pool, beach access, gym, laundry, game rooms, among others, at a lower price than most hotels charge you for the same service. Plus choosing a villa means you can choose what you want in your accommodation based on your interests and likes.

Just invite over your friends or relatives and fill in all available bedrooms to get the maximum value out of your rental and share the costs between you. Holiday villa's are often spacious enough that even if you do bring friends or family with you, there will still be plenty of space for everyone. 

Personalized experience

Do you hate getting up early on a vacation to make it in time for the breakfast buffet? Are you someone who cannot tolerate the nosy, next-door neighbours who just won’t shut up through the night?

Well, it’s time you upgrade to a villa rental for your next vacation! Villa rentals boost your experience by ensuring everything meets your preferences. So, be it checking in at your comfort, enjoying lazy mornings in a king-sized bed, or soaking in sunlight on your private sunbed - ask and you shall receive. When looking for a villa you can also tailor your searches to all the things that are important to you such as sea views, a personal pool,  

Privacy at its best

Hanging at pools with hundreds of strangers or fighting for limited resources isn’t everybody’s idea of a great vacation. For some people the  primary objective of any vacation is to relax, which can become difficult around others, especially those who don't like too much noise or crowded areas which can cause anxiety and stress. 

Thus, vacation homes like St John villa rentals provide a wide range of selections to people as per their needs. These rentals ensure maximum privacy, which allows you to stay in your PJs or swimsuits the whole day without being interrupted. Having a villa doesn't mean you can't go and explore or still immerse yourself in the culture either, it just means that after a busy day you have your own space to retreat back to that is private and all yours. 

Incredible locations

The best part about booking a villa rental is that you have unlimited access to picturesque locations. With more and more holiday rental villa's becoming available, travellers are spoilt for choice when it comes to location. Whether you want to be near the sea, up in the mountains or near the hustle and bustle of a city there will be a suitable villa to choose. 

The scenic beauty is not only a great stress buster but also serves as a great background for private photoshoots. Honestly, what’s a vacation without some pictures for your Instagram page?

So, the next time you are looking for a reason to travel, ensure that you rent a villa in advance for a mind-blowing experience. St John villa rentals are travel partners that offer a wide variety of vacation homes for you to relax in.


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