Friday 22 April 2022

4 Unique House Design Features Worth Considering

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Unique house design features are few and far between nowadays. It isn’t very often you come across an opportunity to make your living areas different and let your creativity shine through in your interior home design. But there’s so much that you can do to give your living areas a unique flair and some personality without changing too much about your rooms as they are currently.

Paying attention to the smaller details is a great way to amplify the beauty of a room without spending too much time or money. It also demonstrates an attention to detail that many other homeowners neglect when putting together their own unique house plans.

In this article we’ll take a look at some great features that you can consider changing or implementing to give your home that extra wow factor.

Invest In High-Quality Radiator Valves

Radiators are often not given all that much attention when it comes to interior design. We think that is a huge mistake. Radiators take up a lot of wall space and can make or break the aesthetic of a room.

When was the last time you walked into a room and even noticed a radiator unit? This is precisely why turning something that can easily be ignored into a stylish feature will compliment practically any room in the house.

But you don’t need to go all out and buy a new radiator, although that is an option. Sometimes all a radiator may need – especially if it is a fairly modern unit – is a fresh coat of paint and a new radiator valve. Radiator valves are an exceptional way to two-tone the colour scheme of your radiators to fit a two-tone room colour palette. They are brilliant options for accenting and complementing your radiator’s style.

You can even get smart thermostatic radiator valves nowadays which can help you remotely control the temperature of a radiator unit!

Add Mist Art To Your Glass Features

Another out-of-the-box idea is to add mist art to your glass, be it windows, glass coffee tables, doors, countertops, you name it!

Mist layers for glass are most commonly found in bathrooms, particularly bathroom windows or shower doors, to obscure line of sight through a glass pane. While this is the original function of glass mist, we can play around with it a little and you can add some design features to all kinds of glass surfaces.

As most mist layers are easy to install, it is a simple case of tracing out what design you’d like on a glass pane and getting this design added to the pane itself. Suppose you have a modern themed home; it wouldn’t be uncharacteristic to add some geometric shapes to your glass panes using this technique.

Be creative and see what you can come up with!

Paint Tile Gaps

For places like the kitchen and bathroom, it can be hard to come up with new ways to create an aesthetic space. When people consider their tiling, they often consider the look of the tile itself rather than the gaps in between the tiles.

If you are a fan of two-tone colour schemes for rooms, then this suggestion could be right up your street. Or perhaps you have a two-tone bathroom or kitchen, if this is the case it may be worth painting the small lines or gaps in between your tiles to really exemplify your design elements. The best bit is that you don’t need a professional contractor for this. If you use masking tape and paint designed for ceramics and tiles, it can be a fun weekend project.

You’ll be surprised how nice this can turn out to be if you do it right. As a word of advice, always try to keep tile gaps a neutral, muted shade. You want to highlight the tiles, but you don’t want to steal the show from them.

Paint Internal Door Concaves And Contours

Most internal doors within a home will have some kind of concave or contour design element to them. These squares, rectangles, or sometimes circles and triangle shaped formations etched into the wood can be great for interior design. Painting these concaves or contours is a brilliant way to add an extra layer of personality to your room and living areas.

Just like painting tile gaps, you don’t need to hire a contractor to do this for you. If you source the correct paint or varnish for the wood you have, and get masking tape, it can turn into a fun weekend task with awesome results.

Look online for inspiration and get creative. You never know how good it’ll look until you try. Worst case scenario, you can always paint over your changes if they don’t work out.

In Conclusion

Paying attention to the smaller details of your home is a great way to make your home unique to you without following common trends. These changes and modifications can be small, easy to manage and relatively cost effective too so there is no reason not to explore some options for your own home if you are hoping to make some changes. 

But we’re only just scratching the surface. Take a look around your home and brainstorm what you could change next. 


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