Thursday 14 April 2022

Sit or Stand - Could a Standing Desk Work for You?

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Many of us, myself including spend a lot of hours sat at a desk for work and with so many people switching to working from home in some capacity over the last few years, I imagine that number has significantly increased too. Working from home or from your own desk definitely has its perks, personally I love having my own space but sitting at a desk can lead to a relatively sedentary lifestyle and cause some health issues too. Perhaps you suffer from lower back pain, feel restless or lacking energy or even suffer from medical issues such as bad bloody circulation, well sitting at a desk could be contributing to all of these issues. But what can be done about it if you need to be at a desk to work? Well there are options including the sit stand desk

So what is the sit stand desk you ask? Well it is exactly as it sounds, its a desk that allows you to stand at your desk rather than sit and you may be surprised by how many benefits standing at your desk can offer. 

Sit Stand desks are becoming more and more popular as people realise the benefits of them and how they can help alleviate some common issues associated with sitting at a desk for a long time as well as allowing you to be more active through the day. But if you aren't sure if you are fully ready to commit to standing all of the time the great thing is many desks come with a standing desk converter meaning you can lower your desk and use it with a chair when you wish. 

The Benefits of a Standing Desk 

Reduces back pain - One of the most common complaints of people who sit at desks for long periods of time is back pain and/or bad posture from being hunched over. Using a sit stand desk means you are stood tall rather than hunching or leaning over since standing desks can adjust to your preferred height. If you suffer from lower back pain it could be caused by long periods of sitting which is known to cause increased pressure to the lumbar discs and vertebrae, therefore standing can help release that pressure.  

Lowers your risk of weight gain - Whilst most of us would love the idea of being able to lose weight as we work with little effort it isn't that easy unfortunately. However recent studies have proven that you can burn between 150 and 200 extra calories per day when choosing to stand over sitting down. Over a week this could amount to over 1000 calories, just for swapping your chair for standing. 

Helps increase blood circulation - Sitting down naturally makes it more difficult for your body to circulate your blood to your lower extremities which in the long run can cause pain and other associated health issues. Standing helps your blood to circulate more freely and you will naturally move your legs, feet and lower extremities more as you move around all of which which help create a much better blood circulation. 

Improved focus and concentration - I don't know about you but when I get comfy in my chair sat at my desk I can often become easily distracted or lack a little concentration when it is all to easy to slump back in our chairs on a Friday afternoon. However using a standing desk can actually improve both focus and concentration since you are standing which naturally will make you more alert and more aware of your surroundings. Not sitting back and feeling groggy or tired will naturally help increase focus and concentration levels. 

As you can see there for are many great benefits to choosing a standing desk and many more than I have mentioned above too. 

Of course jumping straight from spending all day long sat at a desk to suddenly standing for 6/7+ hours a day isn't advised. That in itself can cause its own issues. However if you are wanting to experience the benefits of a standing desk you can slowly build up to solely using a standing desk. This is why the standing desk converters are so great, they allow you to switch between sitting and standing, slowly building up more time standing them sitting each day/week.

So whether you work from home (or plan too) or are looking for a desk space to work/learn from I would highly recommend a sit stand desk for you. They are versatile (allowing you to sit and stand), high quality and have many health benefits too, what's not to love. 

Would you ever consider a sit stand desk? 


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