Wednesday 13 April 2022

The Uses of Gabion Baskets

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Gabion baskets are one of my favourite ways of bringing more nature-like elements into any outdoor space. These require little maintenance, are easy to install and allow you to create all kinds of landscape projects, from gabion walls surrounding homes to planters and garden dividers and even seating areas!

I’ve seen gabion baskets be used more and more around homes and even commercial spaces, so I thought I’d talk a little bit about these ancient building techniques that are still a popular landscape functional and decorative element used today. These are especially useful and great to use if you are trying to transform your garden on a budget! For some expert insight, I’ve partnered up with Mainland Aggregates, who stock gabion baskets. Who else to ask for some insight than the professionals right?

What are gabion baskets?

Also known as gabions, gabion baskets – wire mesh cages filled with rocks or other natural material - have been used for centuries in civil engineering and landscaping. This building technique dates back to Da Vinci, who designed a new type of gabion when working on the foundation of  Castello Sforzesco in Milan. Today, gabions are still used for civil engineering and landscaping but can also be used for creative projects.

“The basic concept remains the same, but thanks to hardier industrial materials and the imaginations of architects and designers around the world, gabions are being used as innovative architectural elements everywhere from museums to hotels to private homes.” Explains Architectural Digest.

Why use gabion baskets?

So, gabion baskets have been used all around the world for thousands of years but why? Why use gabion baskets? As Simple Parenting explains, gabion baskets are a long-lasting free-draining solution for outdoor spaces which are easy to install, prevent erosion and stabilise the soil. The question now is… why aren’t you using gabion baskets? Or where could you use them in your garden space?

Plus, gabion baskets are filled with gabion stones and other natural materials, making them an environmentally-friendly way of decorating outdoor areas. DIY Daddy Blog shared some of the most popular gabion stones used to fill gabion baskets, including Dove Grey Gabion Stones, Celtic Gabion Stones and Charcoal Gabion Stones.

Modern uses of gabion baskets.

If you need some inspiration on how to add gabion baskets to your outdoor space, I’ve put together some of my favourite landscape and creative gabion projects created by those who shopped at Mainland Aggregates for their gabion baskets and gabion stones.

Gabion BBQ.

Gabion fences.

Gabion garden borders.

Gabion seating.

Do you have any features that use gabion? If not, would you like to incorporate gabion around your outdoor space and if so how would you use gabion baskets in your space? 


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