Wednesday 13 April 2022

A Midi Dress: How to wear one for any occasion

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A midi skirt or dress is a fashion staple for any woman's wardrove, versatile and easy to wear it is a classic that is timeless. The term "midi dress" refers to garments that reach the mid-calf region. There are a variety of designs and colours to choose from for any occasion. If you're going to a formal event, you'll want to dress a little more formally than if you're going to the beach and donning a midi skirt over a swimsuit but that's the great thing about the midi style, it can be dressed up or down as you please.. Make things easier by switching up your hairstyle, adding a range of accessories and shoes for the same look at both occasions with no effort.

The history of midi dresses is extensive

The history of fashion and clothing is huge and an extensive saga has unfolded around the midi dress. To sport a frock that dropped below the ankle wasn't a new idea, but rather a garment with a shorter length. It wasn't uncommon for women to wear ankle-length dresses before to the turn of the century. Everyone invested in longer apparel since it was deemed rude to bare your ankles. A midi dress immediately gave the impression that you were poor or working-class.

Poor and working-class families relied on worn-out dresses because they could not really afford to buy new clothes for their kids as they grew. Shorter dresses were the norm for most women in the early 20th century, as hemlines shrank. And it was not until the hipster dress made its debut in 1927 that short dresses became popular. During the Roaring Twenties, a group of young women known as "flappers" were considered radicals. Women of their day were not expected to listen to blues and jazz, have short hairstyles, or wear skirts longer than their knees.

Midi length dresses that compliment women of all shapes and sizes

Among women, a dress is the sole piece of clothes they'll wear for the rest of their lives. These are always a safe bet! Of course, the weather must be agreeable. As far as apparel goes, midi outfits are my grab and go option since there is usually a style to suit all heights, sizes, shapes and occasions. To make sure you got the perfect dress for you, make sure to check an online midi dress guide. Even though it should be obvious, the mid-calf hemline of this style is rather appealing and flattering to almost all body shapes if you find the right fit and style to suit you. You won't have to worry about your dress blowing up in the wind either, or trying to kneel down to avoid showing your underwear since it isn't that short too.

It's time to finish off your midi dress with jewellery

Who doesn't love a little sparkle to add the finishes touches to an outfit, if   you want to wear jewellery, you should do so depending on the situation (if you are going to the beach for example you may want to think about being in the water or where you would store your jewellery if you took it off). Midi dresses with v-necklines might well be dressed down or up with a choker and studs for both business and pleasure. It is possible to dress up the pendant necklace with a striking pair of danglers or bracelets for family events or formal gatherings. With midi dresses, simple necklaces may be worn for both work and play, while bold and huge necklaces can be worn for informal events when you’d like to add some sexy flair. Stack bracelets instead of choker and studs if you're wearing a bright midi dress.

Midi length dresses need shoes or mules to be worn with them

Nowadays, women are wearing their skirts with sneakers on a daily basis, which is not surprising since they combine a stylish easy to wear look with all day long comfort. White sneakers are a worldwide favourite, and they're ideal for lots of different occasions whilst keeping your feet feeling comfortable for the day. Or if trainers aren't your thing (or your looking for something a little more formal), a simple pair of sandals and some bright pink gingham can jazz it up or down. You might wear this to lunch or supper with your female pals. These mules are perfect for every occasion because of their versatility and ease of use.

Do you own a any midi dresses or skirts and if so how and when do you like to wear yours? Let me know in the comments below. 


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