Saturday 25 June 2022

A Positive Birth - The Dad's Guide to Hypnobirthing **Book Review**

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When it comes to pregnancy from your very first midwife appointment, mum's to be are handed a whole host of information. From leaflets and books to appointments and classes there are a number of ways for pregnant mum's to access information, ask questions and discuss their worries when it comes to giving birth. However for dad's it simply isn't the same. Whilst dad's can of course read information women have been given, there seemed to be a total lack of information directed at dad's specifically, which is why I was so excited to spot a great new book on the shelves - A Positive Birth - The Dad's Guide to Hypnobirthing, a book aimed specifically at dad's! 

The book is written by Han-Son over at DaddiLife books after he became fed up with the narrative of men's role in a delivery room being confined to a chair, unaware and anxious with no idea of how to actually help. With a belief that hypnobirthing can really include and help a birthing partner support the person giving birth, A Positive Birth - The Dad's Guide to Hypnobirthing was "born" (excuse the pun). From handy checklists and helpful techniques, to helping you with the right mindset and your emotions, and even delving into the science of it all this book covers it. 

The book aims to show hypnobirthing in a positive light as well as help dad's become more empowered and enable them to be a much more passive birthing partner. Plus the book contains so much more, including quotes from real dad's and even a frequently asked question section for those niggling questions men may not want to ask about (this is personally one of my favourite bits about the book). 

As well as giving advice, answering questions and empowering men, this book also help to teach real, tangible techniques that can actually be put into practice during labour and delivery. Techniques that are helpful for both mum, dad and ultimately baby too. The book basically takes men through the journey of pregnancy and birth, breaking it down into smaller, easier to digest chunks of information packed with everything men need to know from the science behind it all, the body, the mind and how they can play an important role too. It leans strongly into the science of what’s happening to a women’s body during pregnancy and birth, and the importance of creating the optimal conditions for birth including the role of Oxytocin and more.

When I showed this book to my husband he agreed he wished this book had been around when we had our children. He said it would have made him feel more calm knowing what was going on, more useful having techniques he could use and less alone being able to read how other men felt. I think it is so important for men to feel they have an outlet to ask questions and to understand they are just a much a part of a pregnancy and labour as mum is and this book is a huge leap in the right direction for that! 

Before reading this book, both my partner and I agreed that we thought it would be hard for a pregnancy related book to feel aimed at men, but somehow this book does just that. It is a book I will definitely be recommending to any dad's to be from now on, even those who decide hypnobirthing might not be for them, this book is still relevant. It breaks down terminology, it empowers, it teaches real techniques that can be used and most importantly it shares with dad's that they are not alone, real advice, real stories and real answers from actual dad's! 

Do you think you or your partner would find this book helpful during pregnancy? You can purchase the book HERE


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