Sunday 12 June 2022

How to Choose the Perfect Lab Grown Engagement Ring

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Choosing an engagement ring can be one of the most difficult decisions to make and it’s hard to establish where to start, especially if you’re considering an ethical engagement ring. For many the main question you ask yourself may be “which ring will my partner say yes to?” and for others it will be asking “what ring do I want on my finger for the rest of my life?”. Either way the decision is an important one and that’s why we have Lily Arkwright here, to help outline the steps to choosing the perfect lab diamond engagement ring. 

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There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing what style, size and setting is right for you, this is entirely a personal choice but we do have some excellent tips to follow! 

Picking the right stone choice 

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re most likely considering or are open to the idea of a lab grown engagement ring. You need to decide which gemstone route you’ll take for your engagement ring stone. There are a plethora of options to choose from, with lab created diamonds being your closest alternative to mined diamond, as lab diamonds are 100% REAL diamonds. In fact they are physically and chemically the same as mined diamonds, and you cannot distinguish any differences to the naked eye as they emit the same beautiful sparkle. 

Oh and did we mention lab diamonds are around 30% more affordable than their mined counterparts, meaning you can splurge on other aspects of your special day! 

Many people are definitely set on having a white stone as their engagement ring and we completely understand why as this is the most classic option. Moissanite is another fantastic option for engagement rings as it resembles a diamond but is a fraction of the price of mined diamonds! The natural moissanite gemstone, which is composed of silicon carbide, is extremely rare and this is why almost all moissanite is grown in controlled laboratory conditions. Moissanite is a unique gemstone that has been super popular and loved by many in recent years and all for the right reasons! 

If you are looking for something truly unique and are a lover of all things colour, then look no further than a lab grown gemstone ring. Did you know that almost any gemstone can be grown in a lab? An appealing aspect of lab gemstones means that the ring can be available in a variety of cuts that are almost impossible to find in mined gemstones. Lily Arkwright are proud partners with Chatham, the world leaders in lab grown gemstones. These coloured gemstones are also super sustainable as the production process ensures all gemstones are ethically produced and all gemstones are extremely ring in colour and cut, providing that very special vibrance and liveliness seen in the most premium gemstones. 

Choosing the right metal 

With many different karat golds available, and the ever-tempting platinum bands, it can be really hard to know which is best for your engagement ring. Gold rings come in a variety of different finishes such as the classic white gold (resembling that silver colour), a regal yellow gold and a flirty rose gold. Platinum rings have a different feel to gold rings, which tend to be more traditional. The silver colour can almost be described as white, as it’s amazingly light in colour due to the platinum being a pure metal. 

It’s entirely a personal choice when it comes to choosing the perfect metal but it is usually best to opt for the jewellery metal choice your partner usually wears. 

Final Thoughts 

There is only so much we can discuss in an article so if you have more questions feel free to get in contact with the Lily Arkwright jewellery experts via hello@lilyarkwright.com to find out more about lab grown engagement rings.


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