Thursday 23 June 2022

Practical Ways To Make Your Home Look Luxurious

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Deep down most of us, at some point, have dreamt of living a live of luxury. Living in a beautiful home is the ultimate status symbol and one of the most luxurious purchases you could make. But if buying a mansion or statement home aren't quite on the agenda yet, her is some great advice for making your home look luxurious. 

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Undecorate first 

Before decorating your home, you need to undecorate what you currently have. You need to think like a person of wealth. Much like fashion, when a person of wealth attends an event, they strive for understated charm. A person unfamiliar with wealth tends to over-accessorize. 

A luxurious home looks spacious. The room is not bare, but it is not overfilled. A single colour is used to monopolize an area, and more minor pops of colour give the illusion of open space. Bring interest to the look of a room using different shades of the same colour. Various shades of grey can expand the look of space while creating style with hues and the look of texture. Multiple shades of cream and beige can work well on an average-sized wall but stay clear of bright white.  


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Focal Points 

One or two high-quality items for a room can be used as a focal point. Find an item that means something to you and invest in that piece. The eye will be drawn to the high-quality item, and your estate sale rug or table will look like a high-end find. If you are decorating a living room, focus on a beautiful sofa. Avoid trendy fabrics or patterns. A classic sofa looks timeless. Use a leather sofa or rich materials. Choose deep browns, black, cream, or white, and avoid orange, bright red, or florals. You can add those colours with lovely throw pillows or rugs. If your focus is a desk, table, or shelving system, use natural-coloured wood.  

Most high-end homes feature crown moulding. Even a person with limited DIY skills can add crown moulding to a room. Finish your room with exciting ceiling lights to show off the crown moulding for a modern and timeless look.  

Consider a ceiling medallion to make your ceiling interesting and rich. They look beautiful in a study, entry hall, or living room. 

Textures and matching pieces 

Do not feel that everything must match. Wealthy homes are decorated to taste and catalogue cut outs. Your sofa does not have to look like a love seat.  

Deep wool rugs or wall hangings, thick shaggy carpet, or polished concrete floors are often just the right combinations to make a room enjoyable. Again stay with timeless designs. Black and white tile, hardwoods, and marble floors always work. These materials never go out of style and can work in any room. 

Window treatments 

To add definition to a room, add the look of height. The taller the room appears, the better. There are several ways to accomplish this. Window treatments are probably the easiest way. Use vertical blinds made of softwood or bamboo to create light and height. Do not limit yourself to the top or the bottom of the window. You need to let the window treatments go to the floor.  

Most millionaires avoid draperies. If you need to have them, they need a thick backing and length to make them flow. Let them drape down as if they are flowing to the floor. Avoid bold patterns and go with rich colours. 



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Go big with art 

Use large pieces when placing artwork behind a sofa or on a large wall. Oversized art tends to look expensive. It can be abstract, oil, or even photography, but you want the large scale to take up space. Consider using a larger frame and adding a border. Add a beautiful coat of gold paint to your estate sale find. You want to take up as much space as possible on the wall.  

The Rule of 3 

The rule of three is straightforward. Any time you are grouping items on a wall, shelf, or table, group them in threes to make them more attractive. But do not stop there. If you have large areas like winding stairs, go up to the rule of 5, 7, or 9. This helps drag the eye to where you want it to go as it will naturally look for the following item.  


There are many ways to decorate your home to make it look like you have a much larger budget than you have. Don’t get too worried about the rules. Decorating your home is a fun experience. If there is one thing the rich and famous do, it shows their style and personality in their home d├ęcor. This is important. This is what makes them unique and adding your style and personality to your home makes you unique too. Make your house a home designed by you and just for you.  


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