Monday 11 July 2022

5 Love Lessons for Romance this Summer

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Love is pretty amazing right? It's a feeling that is almost indescribable for many whilst others will say love just feels "right" and when you know you know. However you feel love I think its fair to say that both being in love and being loved are both pretty special things. 

With face to face dating and dates being off limits for so much of the last 2+ years, this summer is the time to claim back love, a summer of love, romance and happiness! So with that in mind I am sharing five love lessons that I have learned over the years to help you find a summer romance. 

Be You 

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when looking for any potential partner (or even friendship) is to be yourself! There is no point in putting on a fake persona or pretending to be something you are not only to later have to come clean about the lies or be found out. When meeting a potential partner you want to know if they love you for you so if you wear bright funky clothes, wear those on your date, if you have an opinion on something that comes up in conversation, don't be afraid to share it. If your personalities or opinions really clash so much that you feel like you have to lie about who you are, it probably isn't meant to be anyway. 

Sweet Gestures 

We all love to feel loved right? Its an amazing feeling to feel like someone is thinking of you, that they care or that you might be on their mind even when you aren't together. And a lovey way to show that is through sweet little gestures, these don't have to be big grand events, or cost an arm and a leg, its about the thought that goes into them. It might be popping in to their work with a hot coffee on a cold day (or an ice cream on a hot one), it might be a little text to let them know you are thinking of the. Or it could be a beautiful surprise bunch of flowers from somewhere like BloomLocal who have a huge range of flower arrangements including this stunning Summer Glow bouquet. It features Sweet avalanche roses, peach spray roses and apricot lisianthus which provide the pastels, while orange asclepias bring the fiery hues of sunset. Spiky blue eryngium and wispy silvergrass add the finishing touch to a whimsical romantic bouquet. 

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Plan dates around hobbies and interests 

This one kind of follows on from "being you" above but it is a super fun way to get to know each other and find common interests and likes too. Take it in turns to plan dates but each plan dates around a hobby or interest you like, and be open to getting stuck in to what the other person organises or arranges. Dates that are fun like bowling, crazy golf, ice skating etc are all great ways to get to know each other, ample opportunity to chat but it isn't quite as awkward as sitting face to face with nothing else to do as might happen at a meal for example. 

Our little secret 

I know its common knowledge not to keep secrets but sometimes when it comes to new romances a little secret for a short while really won't hurt. New romances can be fragile and exciting and for some a barrage of opinions and intrigue can hinder rather than help any budding romance. Of course keeping the romance a secret isn't a long term thing and it should be a mutual decision that doesn't hurt anyone (ensuring you are both also single!) but there is nothing wrong with wanting to take things slow and keep the romance to yourself at the beginning to see how things go. 

Be open minded and let go

The final love lesson I would love to share with you is to be open minded. Too often we go into dating thinking we have a "type" but when you think about it, if you've always gone for your "type" and it hasn't worked out, why is that? Get to know people, personality is a huge part of dating and romance and whilst our looks will forever change our personalities are what will get you through the tough times, the funny times, for ever and ever. So be open to exploring new dates, new types, new ideas, throw yourself into love and let it take you wherever it leads. Not all leads will work out but at least you can come out of it knowing you were you and following that rule of being open, honest and open minded you will soon fine the one for you. 

So these are my five love lessons that I have learnt over the years and hope they help you find love or at least open yourself up to trying dating. You never know, this could be the summer of love for you! 

Do you have any love lessons you have learnt over the years? I would love to hear them in the comments below, you never know who they might help! 


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