Thursday 7 July 2022

WUKA - Reusable Period Pads and Pants **REVIEW**

 **Advertisement Feature**

Periods are something women across the world experience every single month, and yet they are still a subject we shy away from discussing, a taboo subject for many. But it is something we need to talk about more, we need to normalise periods and help others realise that there are so many great options for women on their period to make the time more manageable and comfortable, including reusable pads and pants from WUKA. 

(Photo credit - WUKA)

WUKA is a female-led period care brand that makes period underwear and activewear which completely replaces the need for tampons and pads. They passionately believe that period product's shouldn't cost the earth and should be accessible to all. Not only that but they are a brand conscious about their sustainability too with their all new WUKA reusable pads and laundry bag. 

Made from offcuts of the WUKA organic bikini, the reusable pads are not only keeping disposables out of the ocean, but reducing factory waste too. Therefore creating a period product that are not only changing the way we feel on our periods but also creating a more sustainable product in the process. 

WUKA reusable pads are made from super soft reused organic cotton and simply clip into your underwear with a simple, easy to use popper design. They have leakproof wings to ensure you feel completely protected during your period and have the Cool max fabric absorbency (cooling technology with permanent moisture wicking performance) to ensure you are comfortable and confident when it comes to being on your period in day to day life. 

All WUKA reusable pads come with a super handy laundry bag too which can hold up to three reusable pads. Not only is the laundry pad perfect for storing used pads in until you can get home to wash them (great for if you are out for the day or work away from home). But it can also be used to wash your pads in the washing machine too. Placing your reusable pads inside the laundry bag not only protects them from damage that could be caused in the wash but also prolongs the life of the reusable pads too. 

You can purchase the reusable pads individually to try out, or in packs of 2, 5 or 7 with all apart from the individual coming with a laundry bag too. The pads are designed for a medium flow (although the pants come in a variety of flow options) and can last up to 8 hours, dependent on your flow you would expect to change a reusable roughly around the same amount as you would a disposable. However whilst you may have the initial outlay cost for reusable (around £35 for 5 pads and a laundry bag) that is then your only cost rather than paying out every single month. 

The reusable pads are super easy to use, they just fasten to your underwear in a similar position to a disposable pad, except rather than sticky wings, they fasten with a quick and easy popper. 

Trying out WUKA reusable period products was my first time trying anything like this and I have to tell you I am converted, the only thing I was disappointed at is that these weren't around when I was a teen! I remember those moments in secondary school where I would be so paranoid about other kids seeing my pad, hear it rustling and don't get me started on trying to change a pad in a school toilet!

Both the pads and underwear are a total game changer for me, not only were they both comfortable to wear, giving the feeling of just wearing normal underwear. But they were so easy to change (without any noise or leakages!) and having the laundry bag to just pop the used pad into made it easy and mess free. Once home it was super easy to just place the laundry bag with the used pads into a 40 degree wash and then dry then on the washing line ready to be reused. 

You can find out more about WUKA, ask questions and find out more about how passionate the brand are for sustainability (all whilst keeping up to date with the latest products) over on the WUKA Instagram page

Have you ever tried reusable pads (or pants) whilst on your period? Or is it something you would try? Let me know in the comments below.


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