Friday 1 July 2022

5 Tips For Planning a unique tour in France

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about France? For many the answer will be the capital of the country, Paris. This city is well known as the "city of lights", the most romantic capital in the whole of Europe. Paris is famous for its rich history and significant culture of the city, and this is the reason why millions of tourists choose France as their ideal destination.

Of course, Paris is an exceptionally beautiful place to visit, but France has so many other beautiful places other than Paris, which are equally wonderful and worth visiting. There are places all over France for every taste and every season where you can admire the true beauty of the country.

If you are the organizer of the trip the first thing that you have to keep in mind is to find the best tailor-made travel services in France in order to plan the perfect trip for everyone. 

If you keep reading you will find 5 useful tips for planning the best and the most unique tour in France.

Tour operator

The first tip is probably the most important one. Don’t neglect to book a tour operator for your French tour. A tour operator agency would be your best helper on this trip, it's their job to help you have the best time and get out of the trip what you are hoping for. The tour operator is familiar with all the important information such as the most remarkable monuments of every French city, the most popular restaurants, and other secret gems which every French city has. A tour in France without a tour operator is not going to be as magical as it could be as you may struggle to find some of the hidden gems that make it so special. 

Food tour

French cuisine is one of the most popular around the world because of the techniques and the fresh ingredients which are used for preparing a dish. A traveller can’t miss the opportunity of trying many special dishes and aromatic wines. So as the organizer of this trip you have to consider booking a food tour in the most popular food spots in the French city, which the travellers have chosen for spending their holidays. If an official food tour isn't your thing you could always do your own research into the best or most recommend places to eat and drink and make a list, you can then have fun ticking them all off during your visit. In fact there are so many great places to eat and drink in France some people plan their whole holiday around it. 

Provide further information 

Each and every city in France has its own special history and unique culture. So, it would be ideal if you organize a small get together to inform the visitors about the French culture. Also, you can provide them with some information leaflets about the most famous restaurants, bars, and attractions in every French city. The sure thing is that all this information is going to be helpful during their trip.

Find the best places

France has many cities which someone could choose to visit, Paris is just one of those but there are many others. So, as the organizer of the trip, you have to pick the right cities for the tours. Of course, you have to consider the season as an important factor of your choice, but also what your party wants to see and do during your trip. There are cities in France which are the perfect destination for the Christmas holidays and there are some others which are ideal for the summer months, for someone who wants to explore France with a sea view. So consider what your visit will be for, what you would like to see and the season and then plan around that. 

Find the best hotels

Last but not least, as the organizer of the trip you have to find the best hotels for the traveller's accommodation. The hotel has to be located in a convenient place near metro and train stations and at the same time has to be at affordable prices for everyone. After all, after a long day of sight seeing and activities everyone will want somewhere to lay their heads for the night. 

It's clear that France has a lot to offer with so many places to see and explore, it's obvious why it is such a popular destination for visitors. Have you ever been to France? Is so where was your favourite place to visit and what did you love seeing? 


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