Friday 1 July 2022

Family Winter Holidays — 4 Family-Friendly Cities to Visit this Winter

Whether you are a spontaneous travel or a one who likes to plan out every detail of their trip, travelling to and exploring a new place is one of the most rewarding and fun experiences in life. For some people such as those who have children, often do not have the luxury to be spontaneous and go wherever, travel with kids can take a lot more planning and considerations!. On the contrary though, they have to make sure that they have booked excellent hotel rooms and include entertaining activities that match with their kids’ age in their travel itinerary to ensure all ages in the family have a great time with activities and facilities for both adults and children. 

This article here will make your life easier by presenting four awesome travel destinations that will excite your whole family.

Kangaroo Island, Australia

Kangaroo island is a small paradise-like place across Adelaide, a popular coastal city in the southern part of Australia. Kangaroo Island has been receiving numerous visitors every year because wild animals live there freely and they are very welcoming to all the tourists that visit them. Kangaroos, koalas, sea lions and echidnas, which look like hedgehogs, are some animals that you will encounter there for sure. This is the best place to teach your children how to care for and respect wild animals and their habitat. The tranquil beaches and the delicious locally produced wine will help parents relax and recharge.

Saas-Fee, Switzerland

Going skiing is a typical winter activity. Actually, skiing is a great sport for both young kids and adults as it teaches people how to coordinate their limbs, perfect their balance and get up every time they fall. Saas-Fee is a picturesque and calm ski resort in Switzerland. The fact that it is at a pretty high altitude ensures that there will be fresh snow to enjoy when you visit the resort in winter. You can also book a family ski pass on Erna Low so that you are certain that all your needs are covered beforehand without having to spend a fortune for your holidays. Whether you are an experienced or a novice skier, you will find many pistes that correspond to your level.

Rovaniemi, Finland

What is one of the biggest dreams that most children have? To see Santa Claus! Is there a better gift than going to Santa Claus Village during winter break and hanging out with Santa himself. The fun in Rovaniemi, the capital of the beautiful Lapland region, never stops as there are millions of fun activities that the whole family can do together such as go sledding, visiting the Angry Birds playground and watching the Northern Lights. 

Salzburg, Austsia

Salzburg is a popular city in Austria where both children and parents will have the time of their lives. It is a small city, which means that it is easy to explore, and it is full of impressive buildings, such as St. Peter's abbey and the Salzburg Cathedral, and grand palaces. It is worth noting that the renowned composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born there, and you can visit his house. Lastly, you should visit the ski resorts in Salzburg because their alpine landscape will mesmerise you.

Would you consider visiting any of the above for your next family holiday? If so which one sounds like it would most suit your family? Let me know in the comments below. 


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